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october 2003


i had a dream about that same person i hardly know. this time she was in my backyard and she was hurt. she wasn't moving. then a helicopter came flying in along with 2 white vans. she was loaded into the helicopter while my brother, sister, and i got into a van and we took off.

then the dream sort of skipped. i was in the van with only my sister. and we were on some big bridge, which was actually a college. we stopped in and i went to class. which was really strange. as i entered the room as the previous class was leaving. and the teacher and a few other students were putting a bunch of skittles in each seat. so i started helping.

then i was in the bathroom with a few friends and we had to fill out some survey or something. then the dream got weird again and the only thing i can compare it too is like a dungeon from a zelda game. except we had to find some rocks. there were three of us in our 'team.' when we got them we went back to the entrance, where we were met by two other teams. they had also found rocks and it seems as though we were playing some sort of capture the flag.

then i was in someone's backyard where some people were swinging bats around. and some kid was trying to pick up like 10+ bats at the same time in some tall marshy grass.

the dream jumps again and i'm in a car with my brother and sister again. and we're driving quite recklessly down the road. we come to a stop light, and turn left into a highly congested road. bumper to bumper traffic. then all of a sudden we're in a busy mall with the rest of my family. everyone stops in a few stores and i just stay out in the hall area. and multiple times, some job applications pop up. like i remember my brother sumbiting 12 applications to the place where my father works; he got the job, but quit shortly after. and another my mother was complaining that this one clothes store paid very poorly, but gave good discounts to the employees, and she wanted me to decide if she should keep the sweater she has, or get one from the store with that discount.

this was rather odd because after she was done talking, there were like replays i could select from. me, being rather annoyed, deleted them and caught up with the rest of my family, who were outside of a radioshack type store. i was looking at the displays outside the store and what really caught my eye was a minidisc player with a lcd screen on it. you could watch tv and shit on it.

then i'm in the hospital. i go into a room and i wake up.


no dreams, only got an hour of sleep.


ugh, after staying up for 30 hours you think i'd sleep well. all i wanted was to go to sleep and get knocked out for about 9 hours. i had the worst sleep i've ever had. i swear i woke up about 50 times in the span of 8 hours, the longest time actually being asleep was maybe 4 hours. somehow i still managed to have 3 dreams though. first one i don't remember, second one some movie was being shot in the neighborhood i lived (neighborhood in the dream, not where i actually live), and the third was about some mobster named short frank joey face or something, it sounded much better in the dream, but now it sounds like shit. oh, and i took some girls trombone and said i used to play one.


damnit, wtf is wrong with me. i was so tired last night and went to bed around 3:30 and i woke up at around 7. damn my body to hell. all i remember dreaming about was surfing deviantart.


no dreams, slept like shit too.


no dreams that i remember.


no dreams that i remember.


no dreams, didn't go to bed.


well in the 5 hours of sleep i got. i had a dream i was browsing through ~razorbladeromance's deviantart gallery. except it was full of hundreds of porn pictures and everyone of them had a related story.


i wish i knew what is wrong with me, i still can't sleep worth shit. only got about 5 hours, but i stayed in bed for another 4 or so and fell asleep a few times again. my dreams were kind of odd and i don't know where to begin trying to describe them, because it seemed as though everything happened at the same time.


first dream i was seducing someone inside a camper. second dream i was at mcdonalds and i got a number 2 w/o cheese and a mellow yellow. but the burgers were huge. third dream i was at my brothers wedding. and my sister went into a hotel room and started crying on one of the beds (i think she may have been raped or something), so i sat next to and started hugging her. then i was in my car driving home, but i didn't have any clothes on. and i started going up a hill and i was in a chair with wheels on it, and i was pushing myself up the hill while i was sitting down. then i was in my room after everyone else got back from the wedding. and my sister had won a mazda and she and my mom were arguing about something i don't remember. then i was at some celebrity's birthday party. don't remember much about that except there were porn stars doing some photo shoots and i remember seeing carson daily doing some show and seth green was swimming in the pool. then i was at the door where we weren't letting some people in, saying they had their own parties to go to. then across the lake we saw a huge basket ball arena being built. it was in the shape of a giant basketball. then i was walking in the swamp along a grass path with two other people, and we had someone's basketball. we kept trying to get rid of it but the damn thing kept floating back to us. then we thought we heard ourselves sinking so we started running back to where the party was. but the sound ended up being a jet. the jet landed and a girl got out while the guy co-pilot stayed in the jet, which was hopping around because it had legs. and then it was suddenly just me, the girl that got out of the jet, and some other girl; and we were talking. the jet girl had short black hair that went to her shoulders. had on a white tank top, and i think green camo pants. i'm not sure what the rest of us were wearing. and then i remember the jet girl saying, "i was a head cheerleader too. i rubbed off the guys." and she kept looking back and forth between me and the other girl. and she was giving me a 'look'. then i woke up. and these were all spread across the 3 times i was actually asleep; the first one i was asleep for maybe 2 hours, the second for maybe 1 hours, and the third for like 5 hours, with the help of some nyquil.


i had a dream i was taking a shower for a really long time. and it was in an old dirty house. the only thing in this room was the shower, which was huge. and i remember the nozzle changing so the water sprayed differently. and when i was done i was trapped in the room by a huge spider web, but the spiders were lady bugs. i eventually got part of the web torn down to i could get out, and i don't remember anything after that.


yeah, i still can't sleep for more than 4 hours a night, and that doesn't provide enough time to really dream. so even if i did dream; i don't remember it.


first dream i was in the shower cleaning my lip ring, and it was bleeding kind of badly. and i took it out (which i'm not supposed to do yet) and it was huge, it must have been around 0 gauge. then i'm not sure whether it stopped bleeding or not, but i put it back in and that's all i remember about that dream. the second dream was kind of messed up. there where a bunch of us in some sort of competition. and we had this contraption that we were trying to operate (i don't remember what it did). well when we were done, one of the judges handed me our contraption (which now was a like a circle fence of chicken wire, and i know it wasn't like that when we were trying to operate it) and we left the gymnasium into the hallway. the judge said we could leave our contraption (he called it something but i don't remember) by the doors between the rooms. we were now about 5 years old (we were all around 20 or so before) and we were in first grade heading back to our classroom. we dropped that 'thing' off where we were instructed and went into our room (which logically would be in the gym, because the doors were only about 10 feet apart). anyway, once in the room i remember talking to someone i actually went to school with from 1st grade all the way through high school. we were all signing each others books (which appeared to be text books). and then we had a test that was multiple choice, which looking back at it now, there was only one box you could color in for each question (it's one of those test where you color in the circle for that answer, but instead of it being on a different sheet it was all on the same one). and i remember looking around at everyone else's answers because i didn't know what was going on.


up all night = no dreams.


no dreams


i had a dream where i wrote a paper, which was about a number of things. and kandas was my professor and corrected it.




i had a few but the only one i remember is one where my high school junior english teacher was talking to a group of us about masturbation.


my first dream was just me reading some devinatart comments. my second dream i was a pirate on a pirate ship. don't remember what happened though. and my third dream i was having my html/xml class in a stairway.