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Star Wars: Obi-wan

Level select:
Select the "New Game" option at the main menu. Enter GREYTHERAT as saved game name. All levels, including the bonus levels, will be unlocked. Enter M1A2U3L4!? as a saved game name to unlock all levels up to Darth Maul.

Battle Royal mission:
Defeat Darth Maul in level 25 to unlock the Battle Royal mission, where you have to fight eight other Jedi Masters in the Saber Arena.

Additional versus mode characters:
Defeat a character in the Jedi Arena during game play to unlock him or her in versus mode.

Hint: Get Wookie to help you in Level 1
In the introduction to the first level you will see a Wookie resembling Chewbacca walk past Obi-Wan. When the level starts, turn around and walk back the way the Wookie walked. You will eventually see the Wookie standing beside a fire. Walk up to the Wookie and talk to him. The Wookie will now follow you and help you take out the Black Heth Thugs.

(Submitted by: JediMaster-T)
To get unlimited force power in jedi battle mode, while selecting a character push the white button, black button, the right trigger, then the left trigger.

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