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Afterhour Gaming Zone - PS2, XBox and GameCube cheat codes

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Cheat Codes for PS2, XBox and GameCube
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PS2 Cheat Codes
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Star Wars: Starfighter

Enter the following at the code entry screen:
  • overseer - Unlock Everything
  • bluensf - N-1 fighter w/powerful missles
  • directory - Digital Directory
  • woz - Christmas Video
  • andrew - Unlock Multiplayer
  • minime - Invincibility
  • ships - Unlock Image Gallery
  • planets - View Planet Sketches
  • teams - View DEV team
  • nohud - No Heads-Up Display
  • jarjar - JarJar Mode
  • ltdjgd - A Secret Message From the Designer
  • credits - View the Credits

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