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FIFA 2002: Major League Soccer

Easy win:
If you are losing a game in world class mode, pause the game. Choose "Side Select" from the pause menu, then move your controller under our opponent's name. Then, score your own goals as that team.

Bonus tournaments:
Win the following World Cup qualifications to unlock the corresponding bonus tournaments:
  • AFC: Asians Nations Cup
  • CONCEBOL: Gold Cup
  • CONCACAF: Copa America
  • UEFA: European Championships (Euro 2004)
Complete all rewards except the last locked one to unlock the FIFA Confederations Cup.

Win the following events to unlock the corresponding player picture:
  • AFC World Cup qualification: Myung Bo Hong
  • UEFA World Cup qualification: Francesco Totti
  • CONMEBOL World Cup qualification: Roberto Carlos
  • CONCACAF World Cup qualification: Ruud Van Nistelrooy
  • EFA: Nuno Gomez
  • European Championship Cup: Iker Casillas
  • European Championship: Thierry Henry
  • Copa America: Henrik Larsson
  • Gold Cup: Thomasz Rodzinski
  • FIFA Confederations: Steve Marlet

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