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Cheat Codes

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Cel Damage

Enter the character selection screen, select "Load" then enter the following names to unlock the specified item(s).

  • FATHEAD - all cars, tracks and modes
  • BRAINSALAD - unlock Brian the Brain and Space World
  • COUNTDEAD - unlock Count Earl and Transylvania World
  • TWRECKSPAD - unlock T. Wrecks and Jungle World
  • WHACKFAD - unlock Whack Angus and Desert World
  • MELEEDEATH - Melee weapons
  • HAZARDOUS - Hazard weapons
  • UNIQUEWPNS - Personal weapons
  • GUNSMOKE! - Ranged weapons
  • MOVEITNOW - Movement power-ups
  • PENCILS - Pen and Ink graphics
  • MULTIPLEX! - All FMV Sequences

Big Head Mode:
While playing a game, hold L + R + Up.

Additional FMV Sequences:
Successfully complete Smack Attack, Gate Relay, and Flag Relay with each character to unlock additional FMV sequences.

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