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Batman Vengeance

Cheat Mode
At the Main Menu, press L, R, L, R, X, X, Y, Y.

All Power Moves and 120 Achievement Points
At the Main Menu, press L, L, R, R, L, R, L, R.

Infinite Handcuffs
At the Main Menu, press X, Y, X, Y, L, R, R, L, L.

Infinite Batlauncher
At the Main Menu, press Y, X, Y, X, L, R, L, R.

Unlimited Electric Batarangs
At the Main Menu, press L, R, Y, X.

Infinite weapons except batarangs and electric batarangs
At the main menu push Y,X,Y,X,L,R,L,R

All FMV Sequences
At the Main Menu, press L, L, X, X, Y, X, L, R.

Unlock Joker
To unlock Joker, put this under password: JOKER4LIFE

Get all weapons and max ammo:
When you are at the Plant Electrocution Level 2 slide down toward the holes in the ground and enter the 2nd hole. Make sure to glide into the hole and then glide towards the lighted area. Here you pick up the items. Use the grapple to get out and finish your slide. The key you have just picked up is for the door beside the vines behind the glass. Now Enter and defeat the plant man and you'll get an envelope that has a 'C' on it. When you finish the game this will activate the cheats.

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