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1. No pking, duels are allowed as long as the 2 dueling are within 2 levels + or - of each other.

2. Ranking will be determined by Tournaments, each Tournament will have a level class. low will be from 9-19 middle will be from 20-49and high will be from 50-90.

3. I will allow maphack and d2 loader, but no other cheats. that means no duping and no crash hack.

4. If some one needs assistance Please help them out, cuz if you do and you need help they'll prolly help back. as the clan motto says "lend a hand get a hand, be a dick and you get fucked"

5. We will NEVER ask you for your account password. if some one in this clan does, please report their account name and we will deal with it accordingly.

6. Kakkarot=X= will help you as much as he possibly can, please don't hesitate to ask him for assistance.

7. Do not get mad if no one can help you.

8. Recruiting gains you rewards, such as items, if we have the item you want, if not we'll put it in reserve for you.

9. If you are using an item that some one wants you don't have to give it up for them, all your items are yours, you can choose to give some to the clan or not, its up to you all we can do is ask.