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New mechs (Nov 2/02)

Templar ?

Front view of my converted templar... Nothing special done to it, just played with one of the arms and a bit of the left torso.

Can get a better look at the torso mod from the side. Just transplanted the cannon I snipped off the arm to the torso's upper round bit.

MISSILES =) Gonna make the upper rack to be 2 streak-4's and the lower an srm-6. The lower circular pod was from the Jovian Cronicles weapon pack, and the 8-rack was from my DP9 Heavy Gear White Cat.
Black Hawk Mk. II

As they made a MAdcat2, I decided a nova would look good remade.

As shown from the back, the legs and arms are on seperate hardpoints. Maybe now the nova can torso twist eh? I used a stormcrow hip and legs, cut the connector peg off, and mounted the nova torso on it. Tilting the hip foreward enough to straighten out the torso gave a nice back look, but if I make another, I plan to put a spacer between the hip and torso to give the arms more clearance.

The arms were taken from my Ha Otoko, I felt that the blackhawk should retain its hands, and the Ha Otoko arms worked nice, plus gave a neet japanese profile to the thing. Seing as the Diamond Sharks plan the sale of both the Madcat2 and Ha Otoko to include many shipments to the Combine, this makes the BHawk fit right in.

Another look at the side. The shoulder pads do help hide the closeness of the arm and leg joints.
SWD-1N Swordsman

This is my very first battlemech, or what's left of it. Lost the head years back, axe broke and was lost before that, and the other arm seems to have melted. Don't ask...

This is the rebuilt head, I wish I coulda used the normal axman head which is just ROSK, but as I couldn't, I chopped up the head of a DP9 HGear Cheetah. Cut the head into 2 pieces, put one ontop of the other, then attatched it to the mech.

The left arm is straight off a Nova. Figured the original Axman coulda used some better close-range lasers...

...and THIS side is shoulder to mid-forearm a nova's arm, and then a Dasher's forearm. Cut the inner barrel off the dasher's twin weapon pod, but kept the outter one. The sword was pried from the dead fist of a Warhammer skelleton. The dasher's hand worked well because the thumb is flush with the index finger, allowing me to fit the sword right down on top without any surgery.

This is the unfinnished body of my new LAM. Made out of the torso from my Mad Dog, the legs from my Dasher, and two 40K Tau burst Cannons.

Lil more sideways of a shot...

As the Burt Cannons are ugly as sin, Im gonna try make a 3 or 6-barrel replacement outta some metal pipe/tube stuff, but keep the mechanism behind the barrels. The first set of wings will run across the top of the soon-to-be Rac-5's. The second, larger, set of wings will mount under the racs but be folded up like a Shilone's look like they could.
? Mech

No idea what to call this one. Looks like a TWolf or my Redwolf in a way, mostly because of the reverse legs and the missile "ear" racks, but the arms make it kinda insect-like IMHO. The torso is a Quad clan mech, Stalking spider, the legs and missiles are from a Jenner IIc, and the arms are from my Glass Spider.

The nice thing about the spider torso is the jumpjet on the underside, add to that the ones on the jenner legs, and you have a nice jumpjock toy.

There's those Glass Spider arms, gonna be L.Pulse's or ER Larges in the design... havent decided yet. I want it around 45-50T so the ER's are more likely.

Any name ideas welcome =)

Dire Wolf ?

Front shot of my new Direwolf-? (? meaning havent chosen a letter yet).

Right side shot of Direwolf, blurry as sh!t. The right arm is made from the short barrel on a Nightstar's arms, and a regular direwolf arm, minus the 5 cannons. Can sorta see the hand attatched to the left arm. Said hand was from the Banshee resculpt.

Another side shot. Kinda shows that the left arm is WAY longer than the right.

The left arm boasts 2 railgun'ish barrels provided by the Jovian Cronicles weapons & drones pack, as well as my Banshee resculpt's left hand... (Got it chopped off for stealing bread). The barrels have however been straightened since the picture.
Gray Wolf

Side shot of the Gray Wolf... No front snap as it was blurry as hell. Like those "Stare at this and you'll go blind" tshirts kinda blurry. The arms are from a Supernova, the shoulder cannons from a Blood Asp, and pretty much a standard TWolf for the rest.

the other side. K'know... The S.Nova arms fit perfectly over the mounts for the LRMs.
Red Wolf

Side shot was fudged, but the arms do NO come out of the launchers... The launchers were glued flush with the back of the Fire Moth torso. Arms from a stormcrow, legs from a mad dog, wild guess where the missiles came from...
Supernova 2

Supernova 2. Designed as a cheap replacement for a Warhawk D, the 2 arms are from a Turkina, but nicely hollowed out.

Why does everyone laugh at me when I say that? THEY ARE after me lucky charms!
Warhawk ?

Yes, it IS that slanted. 'Mech in Motion, since I can't repose the legs, can at least make it LOOK like it's moving.

My Warhawk again. The thrown-back arm has the PPCs removed and replaced with a Heavy Large laser, the piece being most of a Timberwolf arm.

This is my Harbinger. Not a production 'mech, only one around. The legs and torso are of a Dire Wolf. The top of said torso is scraped flat. Arms are from a Dreampod9 White Cat gear, as is the "hip" (the hip is an upside down white cat torso, a lil flattened out). The gauss rifle on the right arm, and the medium pulse on the left are both from the weapons and drones pack from DP9's Jovain cronicles. The twin l.pulse laser and the angel ECM on the top are a single cut up GW Tau fusion blaster.

That other barrel in the torso that is more visible in this pic is the gauss rifle from a Nightstar.

Side pic. Shows a bit of the banana clip on the gauss rifle, 2T ammo there. The torso cannon also shows better here.
Not a ****ing clue

Haven't named this thing yet. Gonna be 90-100T. Yes, it is a copy of Kurt's Gyr Falcon in design, tho his looks about 200-300x cooler and about a thousand times more converted. I may or may not add more to this one before I prime and paint. If I do, it will most likely be making the torso more complete (covering up the gaps between the torsos).

Another shot of Mr. Unknown. Right arm is a mad dog upper arm with a twolf lower arm, right torso cannon is from a gargoyle's arm, left torso cannon is from a DP9 Jovian cronicles drone, and the left arm is an untouched mad dog arm. Legs on this mech are from a Warhawk/direwolf and not from a stormcrow.