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Playstation 2
TimeSplitters 2 Preview
When I got my hands on the first TimeSplitters 2 demo, I was soooo excited. And when I played the demo I was even more excited than before. The demo gave me a taste of TS2, it's got objectives, smoother, better graphics and the best part, it had a story, even though with the demo it wasn't clear what the story was. It even had a cutscene at the beginning with voice acting and might I say, great facial expressions, very real. The only problem with the demo was that you didn't really get to complete the objectives and the demo left you on the edge of your seat.

Then I got a new demo and I started it up, and it looked like the original, so I immediately turned it off. Later, when I was bored, I decided to pop it in. It was the same level, but much better. It had more stuff, and best of all, you could complete the objectives.

From what I've seen with the new demo, it will feature new characters, cool cutscenes and long missions, with second objectives. It has a very James Bond: Goldeneye feel to it, in fact, the demo is on a very similar looking dam. This is all of course because of the fact that Free Radical design, the people doing TS2, and the people who did TS1, also developed Goldeneye, and Perfect Dark.

From some other stuff I've seen, it looks like there's going to be many new weapons, including a crossbow. It also looks like there are some characters from the first that reappear in the second, remember Lady Jane? There is also a Planet-X level, I'm wondering what that will be like since there was one in the first game.

Multiplayer also has many new games to play, including one that I can't wait to play, it involves MONKEYS!!! Whichever player is doing the worst has armed and deadly monkeys to assist them, so cool... too cool!!! There are also other things like ogre, where you have to kill the ogre that's walking around.

The new levels in TimeSplitters 2 so far are:
Robot Factory
Atom Smasher
Wild West
Neo Tokyo
Planet X

Look forward to TimeSplitters 2 on the 8th of October, it looks like its going to be worth the wait!