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Playstation 2
TimeSplitters 2 Review
By: Jaron Eldon

The first TimeSplitters was one of my favorite first person shooters. I couldn't wait for the second one when the credits read, "TimeSplitters will return...". And now it's here. The moment I've been waiting for.

I must say that the one-player game experience has been highly increased. Now there is a story, a fairly lame one at that, but a story none the less. The levels now have multiple objectives that you must complete, compared to the original's grab-and-go style. The one-player performs incredibly well, with ten levels instead of the original nine. New weapons have also been added, and a rain system that shows off the power of the PS2 very nicely is one new thing with TimeSplitters 2.

The two-player is, to say the least, different. It just doesn't have the feeling of the original. They seemed to change the two-player mode too much. Now there is a new mode called, "Arcade League". You play all sorts of deathmatches and other fragging games, and also unlock new characters, levels, and modes. Then there's, "Arcade Custom" which confused me at first, but it's the same as the regular, "Arcade" mode of the first one. The, "Arcade Custom" is different now. You choose the type of game you're going to play, such as: Deathmatch, Capture the Bag, Assault, Team Deathmatch, and so on. Then you choose the level, then you customize it. A little different than the original. The customization is a little different. Now, when you change the number of kills, you can't change them one by one, which doesn't allow for as much power. Although two-player has many new features, it disappointed me to a certain degree. I liked the setup of the original a little better, but I'm not sure why. I'm still puzzled as to why I don't like the new setup...

The graphics are a lot better than the original's graphics. I think that this one is faster than the original 60 fps also. The textures are beautiful, the lighting is amazing, and a lot of new, little things, have been added to the game engine. Like the rain effect, something that I never saw in the first.

The mapmaker is new, and has a couple of new things added to it. The first is the fact that you can make maps for story mode, with enemies that patrol areas and what not. It's also got some new pieces that you can use, but it also took out some of the original pieces that seemed important. I thought that the mapmaker could have been a little better, but it's still as cool as ever.

I really enjoyed playing TimeSplitters 2, it was worth the wait. It has some let downs, but those are easily overcome by all the new features that it has to offer.

Final Score: 9.5