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Playstation 2
TimeSplitters Review
By: Jaron Eldon

The PS2 sure has had a good line up so far, and the game TimeSplitters just adds to the line up. I've been a first person shooter fan since I was around 7 years old, watching my dad play DooM, and finally, when I was old enough, I got to play it. I've been a fan of FPSs ever since.

TimeSplitters is a first person shooter, or FPS, and I've added to my top ten list of greatest FPSs of all time. It is just so great, and I've been having so much fun playing it. It's got the greatest multiplayer support that I've ever seen on a console FPS. It has beautiful graphics, and it plays at a steady, blazing 60 frames per second, TimeSplitters also features some of the best FPS music that I've heard in a long while.
TimeSplitters puts you in the shoes of many different people in different time periods. Your goal is to get a package and deliver it to a drop point, sound easy? Well, once you've gotten the package, the TimeSplitters come after you, they want the package, think you can get the drop point?

In TimeSplitters, there's not much of a story, it's just a down and dirty, get a package, deliver it at the drop off point, simple gameplay. This doesn't make for the best one-player action. But the levels each have three difficulty levels, easy, normal, and hard, and when you beat a level on normal, you unlock a new level for two player mode. And when you beat it on hard, well, you'll have to figure that out on your own.

The multiplayer in the game is the all time greatest multiplayer support on a console, and even in four player mode, it maintains it's good ol' 60 fps. You can also hook up two PS2s if you have two TVs, and you can have a huge eight player deathmatch, or "capture the bag". You can also add up to somewhere around 14 bots, and then have eight players with the two TVs and have a 22 player/bot deathmatch, it's just amazing.

The controls are so great, and once you get used to them, you can do some major fraggin'. It's a mixture of both analog sticks and one will be used for moving forward/backwards, the other is strafing/looking up/down, the contols are soooooo smooth.

One bad thing that is minor with TimeSplitters is the fact that the AI is either a) to good, or b) not good enough, this can be bad when you want to unlock that new level, and it can also be bad when you're playing "capture the bag" and want a real challenge, and the AI isn't doing well on the opposite team. This is just a minor thing though.

Another great thing with TimeSplitters are the great extras that it has. It has a very powerful map editor that allows you to create as many levels as you like, but it still uses your favorite games, deathmatch, capture, etc. It also has a building number of playable characters, such as zombies, cyborgs, even a chinese chef. And along with the playable characters, you have many bots, including SWAT soldiers, and mutants. This game has so much to offer, and it should not be passed up.

TimeSplitters is a great game, with the flaw of a not so great one-player mode, but that's just the supplier for the two-player options, which are great. Get this game it is a definite must buy, and great for parties, especially with a multi-tap.

Final Score: 9.0