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Playstation 2
Grand Theft Auto 3 Review
By: Jaron Eldon

Rockstar games, whom you know from the Smuggler's Run series, Midnight Club: Street racing, and the second Grand Theft Auto, now brings you GTA3 on the PS2. Remember how amazing Driver 2 was, you could drive wherever, get out of your car, steal others, it was so great. GTA3 is about 500000000000 times better than any of the Driver games.

GTA3 is in 3D, unlike it's predecessors, and it does it wonderfully. Rockstar has outdone itself this time around. Yes, GTA3 is in 3D, and it shines, this is by far the most realistic gaming experience that I have ever had in my days of gaming. In GTA3 you have three free-roaming districts that you can drive around in, walk around in, even shoot people around in. The graphics, for a game that is so big and has such huge environments, are very good. But if you look at the graphics and throw away the whole, go anywhere do anything thing, then you've got, to say the least, not the greatest graphics in the whole world. But it is perfectly understandable, and it really doesn't pull anything away from the game. There has never been an incident where a car pops up in front of me and I crash and die, no the graphics do well with how much stuff you can do.

GTA3's realistic factor is, on a scale from one to ten, a 747 jet liner. There are three districts, Portland, Staunton Island, and Shoreside Vale, that you can do anything that you want to in. They are free roaming, and you can steal any car you want, go up and start a fight with anybody you want, and even walk anywhere you want to. Some people say things like, "This game wharps kids minds, there's to much violence." Well, the truth is, this is a very violent game, but I don't think it's going to wharp kids minds. This game would probably teach them a lesson, if you break to many laws, the cops will come after you, and try to bust you, if they don't get you, then the FBI come, and if they fail, guess who? The army will come after you if you have gone and broken too many laws.

The great thing about GTA3 are the missions you can do, there are different people in each district that you can go to in Liberty City, the city that you reside in, that you can do missions for. The missions have a very wide variety of options. You have anything from driving a sick prostitute to her clinic, to rigging an ice cream truck with explosives. You get money for these missions which will pay for weapons and your bail for when you get caught by the police. The other thing that I really liked was that you have to go to the people's places, you don't just have some little screen that has options like, "Get a new job, go for a drive" no, everything is seemless. You are always in the town, if you don't want a mission, don't go to that person's place.

While you are in your car, the people at Rockstar keep your ears entertained with many different radio stations, which keeps the realism level up even more. You've got a good selection too. Anything from my favorite, ChatterBox, which is a chat show with weirder people than your average chat show, to Rise FM, a trance station. The sound is just great in GTA3.

The one thing that always seems to be overlooked is the story in GTA3. This is by far the best story in a game that I have ever seen. It's very mafia like, you're a crook abandoned and shot by your girlfriend after a bank robbery, and you're just looking for a job. But the story goes deeper and deeper, and has more twists than a crazy straw. The game features many characters that contribute to the story, and there's a lot of betrayal, and a trust no one type of feeling, great story.

GTA3 is definately one of my few very favorite, and the replayability is very high, this game will keep you busy for hours on end. This game should be owned by anyone who is mature enough to handle the mature themes.

Final Score: 10