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Playstation 2
Midnight Club Review
By: Brandon Wolfe

Midnight club...ah yes, another victory for Rockstar games. This game blew me away with it's awesome graphics, awesome gameplay, and awesome replayability.

First we have the graphics. They were for the most part just awesome. Everything in the environments was exactly on with the light reflections and completely realistic cars, buildings, and all other miscellaneous things. There was only one thing about the graphics that really disappointed me. It was the London graphics. It seemed as though they were not finished. If you go to the water in London, it doesn't even look like water. What's the deal on that? But, overall the graphics did really please me, setting aside that one issue with the water.

Next is the gameplay. It was very well done. When I'm driving around, I really do feel like I am driving a real car! The cars handle just like a real car and also sounds real too. The gameplay of this game will leave you unable to put down the controller for hours at a time. Also, the frustrating rating is about a little higher than average. There are those controller thrower moments, but nothing to bust a blood vessel over. Overall, the gameplay was very good.

Last is the replayability. The replay value in this game is actually very good. At first glance, it doesn't look like it would, but with the two player option thrown in there, you and your friends will be racing head to head for hours.

Midnight Club is definitely a good game to buy. If you buy it, I really don't think that you will regret it. It may not be the greatest game to ever befall the face of the earth, but it's definitely a very well done game.

Final Score: 8.0