Here I recap what happens in the Zelda Games.

The Legend Of Zelda

Legend of Zelda: Although this game made its appearance on the 8-bit Nintendo System back in 1986, It is a landmark for all Video Games. This was the first game to be made with a battery to allow Save Files. It was also the first game in the Zelda Series. Starting in Hyrule with nothing, You play as Link. You are determined to get the 8 pieces of the Triforce of Wisdom, and save the Princess Zelda. You find a fragment in every dungeon. These dungeons are non stop puzzles much as the Zeldas of today, except that the 3D Graphics work to your advantage in the newer games. It is harder to find secrets. After finding all 8 fragments, you set out for Death Mountain, where the evil that captured Zelda resides. The name that strikes terror in the hearts of many: Ganon. Making your way through this dungeon is not an easy task. After defeating Ganon and saving Zelda, prepare for a Second Quest. The Legend of Zelda, is an all around good game with many hours of gameplay.

Zelda II: TheAdventure Of Link

Zelda II: The Adventure of Link: Adventures of Link is the second game in the Zelda Series. This time, the story takes place before the first one. The Royal Family of Hyrule, had many secrets, such as the where abouts of the essence of the Triforce. The location was in the mind of the King of Hyrule. Before he passed away, he told the whereabouts to Princess Zelda, and told her to keep it hidden at all costs. The Kings heir, the Prince of Hyrule, became furious because he could not find. He eventually discovers that Zelda knows, and one thing leads to another. A wizard who is the Prince's confidant, puts Zelda into a deep sleep, because she refused to reveal the location. As Link, you hear from Zelda's Nursemaid, the "Legend of Zelda". She tells you that Zelda can be healed only by the triforce of courage. Knowing that Link had enough courage to obtain it, she gave him a scroll, and six crystals. You travel to six palaces, and implant the crystal in the stone statues there as proof. You must then go the the Dungeon of Hyrule, where the Triforce is held. But the hardest part still awaits. You must defeat your Guardian Angel, and even your own Shadow to be proven worthy of the triforce. Adventures of Link is a game that is challenging, and makes a good addition to a Zelda Game Collection.

A Link To The Past

A Link To The Past: The third game in the Zelda Series is one of the best. Starting out again in Hyrule with nothing. You are asleep, but then wake up after hearing voices. Voices which claim to be a Princess locked in the castle. Your uncle then runs out the door in a hurry. Wondering what the problem is, you go out after him, even though he told you not to. You find a secret passage to the inside of the castle, and find your uncle hurt. He then gives you his sword and shield, and tells you you must save the Princess. Inside the castle, you venture your way through to the dungeon, and save the Princess. She then tells you of a secret passage from the castle to her "sanctuary". You follow the passage, and the Monk there, tells you of the fabled "Master Sword" which resides in the Lost Woods. He tells you to go see the elder of Kakariko Village. You venture to Kakariko to find that he is not there, that he went to the East. When you find him, he tells you of 3 pendants which are needed to obtain the Master Sword. You then set out to collect these pendants. After obtaining all 3, you go to the Lost Woods, and pull out the Master Sword. You then get a telepathic message from the Monk that castle guards are attacking the Sanctuary. No matter how fast you go , you're one step too late. the Monk tells you she was taken to the second level of the castle. You go, and venture your way to the top floor, where a wizard Agahnim is attempting to break the seal over a "Dark World" created by the Seven Wise Men. In order to break the seal, Agahnim teleports the 7 to the Dark World, where they are imprisoned inside of Crystals. Unfortunately Princess Zelda is one of the 7 Wise Mens' Descendants. After Defeating Agahnim, you are teleported to the Dark World on top of what seems to be a pyramid. Where the elder tells you that you must now gather up the Seven Wise Men, who are now trapped inside crystals. Travelling through 7 dungeons, and collecting them all is not an easy task. You then venture to Death Mountain where You find that Agahnim is still alive. You conquer his fortress and defeat him once more. He then flies, and smashes through the top of the pyramid. Defeat him, and you will find a stairway into the Realm of the Triforce. This game has by far one of the best storylines of any of the Zelda Games.