When we hear the name GameCube we immediately think about better graphics, more games, and we say to ourselves, "What was Sony thinking?" The Legend of Zelda series has been around for fifteen years now, and it has started at 8-bit graphics, and explored handhelds, 16-bit, and made it's way to 64 and 68-bit (expansion pak). But the real question is, what will become of Zelda? Well, there is no real answer. Rumors, unreliable sources, and jackasses are telling lies to everyone explaining how Nintendo is going to put "Zelda: Gaiden" on GC. There is no Zelda Gaiden. Never was, never has been, never will be. The new Nintendo system recently confirmed as Nintendo GameCube (NGC) has claimed to have a Zelda title ready to launch with the new system in October 2001. We know absolutely nothing about the game itself, except judging by the SpaceWorld demo, it's gonna rock. This preview is roughly based on facts, rumors, and the demo. Let me start off by saying, the demo is only there to show the power of NGC, but, obviously it got there for a reason. They made demos, they could have been about Tetris, a sports game, or even Pong. No, they made a Zelda demo, one of the most dramatic sequences, a sword fight with Ganondorf. They were obviously motivated to make a Zelda demo, so that tells you right off that there WILL be a Zelda game at launch. There have been several interviews with Myamoto discussing GameCube and the next generation Zelda. Here are a few facts we have found. Storyline taking place before any other game. Voice acting for every single character in the story. Remember Sonic Adventure, they used voice acting for every main character to make it a stunning game. But in the next Zelda, even townspeople will have their own story to tell. And Myamoto assures us that Nintendo will hire the best actors they can get to make the game as real as possible for the players. Other possible playable characters, such as Zelda, Ganon, and maybe even a simple towns person. This way, depending on which character you play as, the game may have a different outcome. You WILL get the Triforce. Possible two-player cooperative. Player one plays as Link, while the other plays as Navi (be creative). Now remember, all these facts are tentative, so they are subject to change. The storyline is still in the works. All we know is that this is the earliest generation of Link and Zelda. So they have no history with each other, there also might be a love thing going on with them in this game. As for the setting, it will take place in Hyrule, no Termina or Koholint crap. Also, secrets will be secret, in other words, there wont be a friggen' crack where you need to bomb, it will be like the first installment, where you actually had to find it. -Taken from

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