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Hello and welcome to our Sims Page. This site features downloads for the game, The Sims (brought to us by Maxis). We offer downloads for walls, floors and skins for your game. Hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed making them. Click on the buttons to the left to go to those pages.
Download the files and place them in the appropriate folders (ie: c:\Program Files\Maxis\The Sims\Gamedata\Skins...). All files are zipped for your pleasure. If you don't have Winzip (to unzip files...) get it HERE. Send all feedback HERE. Be sure to check out our "LINKS" page!

I'm looking for other sim's pages to link to so if you have a great sim page you want me to link to, just leave a message on our guestbook or send me an email. It would be cool if you would return the favor :)

This is ME, ha, in a USA dress. How did I do? Yeah, I know the sim is a lot prettier. LOL.
If you want the dress, click on the body. If you want the head, click the sim head. Of course, head mesh was made by Fionn of
Me, Kimmy, draped in the American Flag

Whitney Houston (head mesh by Fionn at
Whitney Houston

John, the Marine
John in fatigues (includes hat)ME!!! Kimmy put me into the game.  USMC SEMPER FI!!!!
You can click on the skins above to download.....both skins include the hats :)

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