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Hello, i'm starting this site up, i'll post trenna games up, i'll post patches, ect. ect. I make all my games with the games factory, which is a clickteam product. Clickteam makes other fine, "No programming" tools you can make games with, that include, MMF, CnC, KnP, TGF, MMX, Jamagic(The full version will be released soon. If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me at Trenna Games Inc. is a video gaming company, later(WhenI have a good team and the money), i hope to release a Trenna Basic system, which will be like the NES(Nintendo Entertainment System).

Demos All Trenna Demos.

Dowloads Downloads for "klik" products.

Full Games Trenna's Full FREE games.

Store Trenna's On-line store

Clicker's convention

Project: GF Mini-site

New demo, Brio Brothers, It has only 1 world(3 levels), and I'm going to make it have 5 worlds. Brio Bros is an arcade take off of the Mario bros. Series.

The Final version of A war Game II almost complete. I'll upload the help .txt file soon. I also need people who aren't interested in Getting paid(For the time beeing) to join Trenna. I need people who have expriance with Clickteam's 'Klik' Products. I need programers, artist, and People who can make music. It doesn't matter which product you have. Trenna is also looking for people to help out with the site!!! Later.


BIG NEWS!!!!!!!!!!! TGI is going to merge!!! here is the letter as follows:

I'll help with trenna games, how about we merge k-extreme along with your games company? I have another programmer on my team and a beta tester. We both use TGF and my beta tester, well, tests. E-Mail me at!

Greetings from K-EXTREME "Anything Else is just a Game

[sry but i cannot give his e-mail.]


Hey there so Many fans! just like to say that . . . Gate of Death is FINSHED AND IN THE STORE SCTION FOR $9.97!!! This is a small game(7 Levels), but in a year I'll staryt working on a BIG expantion pake, to make it evn harder! Also, I'm starting a top sectret project, working with K-Extreme[Hopefully]. All I can say is look after oyur toys . . . By the way the link to the Store section is: Store


Hello, my brthday just passed a few minutes ago!!! And my wonderfull parents decided to get me MMF!!!! It'll come in a few days, i'm siked!! I'm also restarting gore-inchy again!!! Trenna Will also be using B.A.S.I.C., because my sister's book order had a learn It: B.A.S.I.C. program! As well, TRENNA NEEDS HELP! if you want to join, i need artist, animation artist, pogrammers(C++/B.A.S.I.C./"Klik") gfx artists, anime artist and much more! If your interested in joining, e-mail me at!!


C3!! Clickers convetion!! Yep, i'm hosting the C3, it'll start whenever someone gives me something, it'll go for a month!! Check it out! Its in the links up on top!


Hey there!! forgot to post this: Yesterday MMF came in the mail!! it's cool, not i'll be using that/w TGF Pro.!

Just to play around with and get the feeling for MMF, i'm working on a game for all Sonic fas, it's not a platformer, it'a a 2-D overhead game, feturing sonic!! And i'm workikng on Mighty the armadillo game too!


I have added a book section, because i'm righting a book series now.


I'm sry to say that the clickers have voted for one c3 site, made by johnr. the c3 will be one week after x-mas


I'm making a game called: Zen Master Yogurt: Stop in the name of Zen. I have to go get an american flag pic from angelfire to post on my site. I wish all of you to send your prayers to the victims family. god bless- Zen Master Yougurt


Hello again! I'm working on a game called Project: GF. I'm making a mini-site for it, so hold on it will include photos, and the story etc., etc.

O.K., Zen Master Yogurt updates: Release date scedualed(subject to change) for november 21st!! and I will be working on the gore-inch then Zen Master Yogurt: Darkness itself.

I have the "clicker's curse" on the Gore-Inch(can't figure out what to put in it.), so I'm making a new game called the Turbanator, i'll post a shot.

I know, I know Zen was suppsoed to be relesed today, but it'll have to be delayed, all I have to do is add a Shopping cart!


Yoyoyo! Zen is going to be for sale within 24-36 hrs.! As of 4:10 50 second, 35 ms(millaseconds). Attention K-Mart shoppers, Zen Has Entered the building . . .

I'm starting a new game, Called A's Adventures: mario the Spy. I'll post a SS:DELTED POST!


I'm posting up a demo of ZMY. Unfortunatly, only "klikers" can use it. I'll try to post up one for every body. It's in a .zip format.


I have finished kill the cat! TOO. I am aso using MMF 1.5 to finish Project: GF. Zen is ready be sold. Unfortunatly, I don't have the money for a site with an online store, so I wil be seling it locally, for $10, until I get enough mo-lah. I plan to work on Project: GF after I'm done wth my Chat room ad IM machine Apps.


I'm working on an app called PadAdvance. It's a notepad program with cool features, like MPEGs, mp3's, and PainAdvance, and paint program. Angelfire is not letting me upload the BETA 1.0, but as soon as I can, I am goingto post it. The install program is 11.0 mb, it downloads all the mp3s and MPEGs you need to run it, along with the .exe. Also note: Zio is away(and has been for awhile, appearing rarely in Clickteam foums) and his site(planet Zio) is down. i'm bummbed . . .