Squad Leader Duties and Responsibilities

1. A squad leader is responsible for all his/her squad does or fails to do.

2. A squad leader is a tactical leader who controls the maneuver of his/her squad and closes with and destroys the enemy.

3. A squad leader works closely with the S-3 in training his/her squad in the individual and collective skills (tactics and techniques) required for combat effectiveness.

4. A squad leader submits recommendations for awards and decorations to the S-1.

5. A squad leader MUST submit an AAR (After Action Report) to the XO via email (thejjnado@hotmail.com) after every battle or campaign. This is important for four reasons:

a. Allows the S-1 to update individual and squad records.

b. Aids the S-1 in assiging awards and decorations.

c. Allows the S-2 to update intel.

d. Allows the S-3 to refine and improve tactical SOP's.

For leadership we recommend the Leadership Secrets of the Rogue Warrior by Richard Marcinko

And from The Rogue Warrior's Strategy for Success: A Commando's Principles for Winning by Richard Marcinko