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Since February 27, 2000
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11-13-01 Well with "HOT DATE" arriving today, I figured I'd get back into simming. Which I am, making some new skins and what not. I hope y'all enjoy them. I'm also working on a few sets too. I will update with them once they are done. I'm doing 80's cartoons. For those of you who remember them. I'm almost finished with a rainbowbrite one. :)
Sorry only light for now

3-21-01 Added New Carolina skin, but you must have the dj download from the main site to use it. Contains all skin tones.

3-20-01 Happy St. Patrick's Day. A little late, but none the less. I don't really have an update. I just wanted to show off a picture that was a little surprise to me when I downloaded the clovers from simplus/simfreaks. Imagine my surprise when this little green fellow shown in picture below, came in and stole repeatedly from me!

Totally uncalled for! But I got a good laugh out of it.

3-10-01 Updated. Got a new addy! Sick of the slow geocities. So I think I'll stay here for a bit. Don't know for how long though. I promise more updates also!

2-28-01 Updated the skins section with a Wind Suit and a NCU Jersey suit.

2-19-01 Sorry for the lack of updates, as you know, I have health problems, and just recently my daughter has had some. But I have made a special update today in honor of the Nascar legend Dale Earnhardt who was killed yesterday in a final lap, final bend fatal crash in the Daytona 500. He will be missed by all Nascar fans. There is a new set on my Sets page dedicated to him. I hope you enjoy it.

11-13-00 Bigger update now, 8 New Walls and 1 New Floor, they are the start of our new Elegant Series Line. We hope you enjoy it.

11-12-00 Not a big update but an update none the less. A new skin. A little special because it is of me. Hope ya like.

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11-07-00 Sorry for the lack of updates. My site was hacked and I was pretty much frustrated for a bit. But now I'm back and will try to update more often. I've added a new Mariners Motif. Check it out in the sets section.

9-26-00 I've added some new skins. Not much else though. I've been sick. From now until I get better the updates on this site will be sporadic. I hope you can keep coming back and checking though. =o) I still work on stuff when I get the time.

9-08-00 I've added some two new objects, Xmas hedges. Tall and Short. I've also added a new Batman Beyond Motif for all the little sim boys out there. Hope you enjoy!

9-05-00 I've added some new skins, 1900's decade, and a new Retro Motif. It's small, but it's an update.

Okay, everyone, I just want to say I'm sorry for the lack of updates. But as I'm sure you all know, Livin' Large (popularly dubbed as LL on all BBS), was released this week. I was there the day it came to the store to pick it up, since I had prebought it. I've been playing it relentlessly for the last few days. So I haven't really had time to work on new objects and stuff. But I promise guys, I will be back to my almost daily updating soon. But bear with me for now okay? LOL Oh, and another thing VOTE FOR ME PLEASE???? I know it can't be that hard to click those little buttons. LOL

Due to a name conflict I've changed the name of my site, since I inadvertantly realized that I also shared the name with the site I apologize to the webmaster there for any rude and slanderous comments I've made about it.

Okay, you see the windows in the picture above? Nice huh? Well see I got a little problem, and I'm going to ask for a little help from you. See, I can't get the wall to stop disappearing be hind it. If someone could email me, or message me over icq @ 16680751, and tell me where or how to do it, I'll give you full credit for helping me. And I'd be very greatful!

Here is the promised Skill Editor I don't know the maker, but it does work. Just run the exe file there is no need for installation and remember to back up your userdata file!

You can email me requests for new team designs via the email button, or the form below. You can also do the same with emailing me your site address, if you noticed that I have started a links page.

*ATTENTION* When sending me a email thru the form, do not forget to put your message in the text box, I've been getting bombarded with empty messages, so please do not do that. Please ONLY HIT SEND ONCE!!!! Thank you.

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