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Friends of the Ancient Heroes

These are our friends from the ancient Silver Moon. Some of these people and creatures made the journey with us to the future, some of them were gone by that time, and some others chose not to join us there. In all cases, the ones here are missed by us.

Kalan: This five foot tall black rabbit was the harbinger of death so to speak, and had a wonderful sense of humor. (example: calling the Dark Master "Hraka" the whole time he was with us in the future). I suppose the rabbit returned to Inle to await the others of us as we go to join him...

Tai-Lore: This delightful griffon pup joined up with Wyn and journeyed with her the whole time. He, like Falicity, endeared himself to us quickly, as all children do. Sadly though, he disappeared at the same time Wyn did before the final fight with the Dark Master, and we have yet to see him since.

Heartwood: I will not say much about this noble unicorn. He was very much in love with Queen Shatokah back in our time of Silver Moon, but alas, he left us early on. We all mourned his loss, none more so than Shatokah though. Hopefully they have been reunited now though...

Komotak: This tiger-like creature was with us from the start, in fact I believe that he was with Shatokah before I even arrived in Silver Moon. If I recall correctly, he joined us in the future, but vanished shortly thereafter.

Lir & Tuatha: This duo was not with us very long at all, they joined us very close to the time we were warped to the future Silver Moon and for some reason did not warp with us, or at least we never found them. If they are still around, hopefully we will see them again.

Rage: Shatokah could have told you more about this great Phoenix that over looked our early realm. I met him on a few occasions, but never for very long. If only Tara had wrote down his history and left it where I could find it...

Ballek: Once friend, turned enemy. The quarrels we all had with this dragon eventually led to the near destruction of the land. He always had something against me and several of the others, and it eventually led to an all out war between us and him.