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The New Blood

This section will be the one most frequently updated, as we gain new friends and enemies, and also as we learn more about the people currently with us. This group of heroes comes into the story 100 years after the fight with the Dark Master. Jade and Wyn appear to be the only two ancient heroes left, and Queen Shatokah's ghost wanders the land. The land itself has fallen into ruin once again and now that most of the ancient ones are dead, it is time for a new group of heroes to step into the spotlight.

Celestia & Solinae: These twins are my daughters, and couldn't be more different than night and day. Celestia is shunned by most because of her too powerful magics, of which her powers exceed even her mother. Solinae on the other hand is loved by everyone. The only people that ever seem to be nice to Celestia are those that are doing it so that they can be close friends with Solinae. Celestia knows this and so has become even more sceptical and more of an introvert as of late.

Marianna: A young feline girl who was hiding within the ruins of the castle. Is accompanied by a crow named Lily.

Falicity and Katoris: Persephony's children, we met Falicity back before the final battle with the Dark Master, but I only recently met her son Katoris. Both children are as mysterious as their mother was.

Helos Alor: A powerful elf with dark powers within him. His powers awe Celestia it seems, and I fear she will be drawn to him as a moth is to the flame that inevitably kills it...At this point I know very little about this strange man.

Jane: This young human girl appears to be one of Tara's descendants, for she wears our long departed friend's feather cloak. It was such a pity that humans live such short lives, I would love to see Tara's smiling face again...

Katrakas: A reptilian woman that comes from Deliph. At this point, this is all I know about her.

Alana: A quiet, introverted girl, much like my own Celestia. Nothing is really known about this one.

Patrick: A bard that has found his way into Silver Moon. His father wished for him to be a warrior, but he just didn't have the right personality. He heard a song whispered on the wind one day in his homeland and played it, transporting himself to the realm. His music is what finally awakes Wyn from her enchanted sleep.

There is one other person at this time: Hidden away in the buried pyramid, something else awakes. We know not what it is, we only once tried to enter the swamps surrounding the pyramid, only to find the way imppossible due to the evil in that forest. Legends say that Shatokah's parents were killed in that same swamp. I do not know what the awakening of the creature in the pyramid will lead to, whether it be good or bad...