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Greatest memories from Silver Moon

This page is dedicated to giving a chance for people to reminisce on the great times we've all had in Silver Moon. At the moment, the list only includes Memories from the original heroes and friends, but once we have journeyed into the new story better, then memories from the new character's will be available. To submit your memory(ies), send an e-mail to Include in your e-mail the name of the character the memory for (the character should have been a part of the memory).

Old Heroes/Friends:

Leeda: When everyone was going to the cave in the very beginning, and I danced and played music

Jade: Well, it's not exactly my FAVORITE moment, but a high point in the game was when Shatokah and I were fighting and I got beat nearly to death. My favorite memory would be any of the random bonfires with the group. (Burn Shinra BURN!)

Shatokah: The body bonfire of course :)

Daemus: When I first got to Silver Moon.

Wyn: After the Vatch, on the beach, with shatokah and Heartwood frollaking in the waves of the sea and when the Faries made the magic cloak for Tara

Tara: When I cried for the unicorns and as my tears were falling on the stone unicorns came back to life.