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The Heroes of the Old Silver Moon

Note: The above candle burns eternally in memory of those heroes and friends that we lost along the way.

Here they are: the legendary ancient heroes of Silver Moon. Though at the time we were called to a future Silver Moon, all of us who were brought out were heroes, I turned some of them over into the friends list because they left the story line for various reasons not long after. The characters listed here are the ones who were still around in the final fights of the story. Oh, by the way, I'm your guide, Jade

Queen Shatokah: The main hero of Silver Moon was the queen of the land during it's highest time of greatness. Shatokah was a black unicorn, though the spells of the evil Dark Master turned her into a cougar with wings not long after we were taken to the future. The final fight with the Dark Master claimed her life.

Tara the Minstrel: Tara was a normal human girl who was brought to the Realm of the Silver Moon as a joke by a powerful creature called the Vatch. She loved this realm with the beautiful and strange creatures. She could hear the music of the land, which not many can and she collected every feather she could find. Gryphon feathers, flying horses feathers, even a phoenix feather. Later fearies made her a cloak from these feathers and more. The cloak was magical and gave Tara the power of transportation. She was the keeper of the histories of Silver Moon and wrote down most of the adventures she had with us.

Jade the Gentle: This is me. I am an elven clan leader from the country of Elisst, located to the north of Silver Moon. I came to Silver Moon to escape the sadness in my homeland, and returned there after the defeat of the Dark Master. Upon the return to Silver Moon, I have brought with me my twin daughters, Celestia and Solinae.

Tyfun the Mysterious: Not much is known about this hero, hence his title. He tended to come and go as he pleased, and was later taken captive by the Dark Master. No one knows what happened to him after the defeat of the Dark Master, some quietly spoken rumors even say he WAS the Dark Master.

Wyn the Ancient: Wyn is a half-elemental woman who disappeared just before the final fight with the Dark Master. It was said that she was put into an enchanted sleep and watched over by the griffons for some time as a return favor for watching over Tai-Lore.

Persephony the Seer: Persephony was a centaur warrior that came and went almost as frequently as Tyfun. Her children, Falicity and Katoris, returned after their mother's death to Silver Moon to become some of the new heroes

Falicity the Fair: Falicity is one of Persephony's children. She appeared in Silver Moon with her mother the first time, and endeared herself to the rest of our friends. I regretfully do not know much about this child though, or what happened to her in the period when we defeated the Dark Master.

Leeda: I'm not aware of what title was given to Leeda when she became one of the legendary heroes, but she helped us greatly. Between her and Daemus the Lost, we had much comic relief in their nicknames for the Dark Master. But they also proved very helpful in the final fights. We all were very saddened to learn of Daemus' death and Leeda's subsequent suicide. May they find each other on the other side...

And that brings us to the last member of the legendary heroes group; Daemus the Lost: I am very sorry to say that I do not remember much of this Slakva (I believe that is how you spell the name of his and Leeda's species) aside from the fact that he was blind, though was given his sight near the end of the story, and a very brave man. He is missed as well as Leeda.