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Page History

      Back in the middle of May (2001), I, Sharky, was getting webpage hungry. I couldn't figure out what the subject of my page was going to be, though. As you can see, I chose Roller Coaster Tycoon. Then came another problem: what would I call this page?

      Names raced through my head at mach 2, but it kept going back to the current name, RCT Haven. The name stuck and was born! I searched about ten different search engines for the name. It appeared to be free!

      On May 27, 2001, I opened the RCT Haven account with the trusty 'ole Angelfire. I quickly employed the coaster-building skills of RCT Man, my brother. Preliminary tests with the page were pretty crappy. We had maybe two coasters to display. That wasn't gonna cut it.

     We built up the amount of downloads we had and were working on the menus you currently see on every page. We scrapped the menus idea for awhile to focus on downloads. Images for our downloads were, also, a problem. That was also fixed.

     We officially opened the site to the public on June 27, 2001, with a whopping 50 tracks and 1 park. And it has just taken off from there.

      In the middle of July (2001), after many a long night (sometimes extending until 6:00 or 7:00 A.M. I saw about 12 sunrises), I finally got our current menus working. Then on August 19, school started. I couldn't get the time to work on the site. My interest in the game also dwindled.

      In early February (2002), I restarted my work on the site. Nothing much happened until March 4, when I picked up a staff member in long time friend, JPR.

      We'll see where the site goes from here.