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Logo Competition

Hello to all,
Do you think you have what it takes to design RCT Haven's logos (I sure hope so 'cause we're in desperate need of some).

Here is a list of the image sizes we need (sizes are in pixels). All entries must be in .gif or .jpg format.
# Width Height Used for...
1 90 30 ...a link to us image (preferably .gif)
2 445 325 ... an index.html image (the big one)
3 100 80 ... corner image on main.html (remember: this image will be on a blue background)
4 640 80 ...banner image on main.html (remember: this image will also be on a blue background)

Entrants note: You do not have to make an image for all of these, but you can if you want to!

Competition deadline: No deadline; competition will be decided by poll as soon as five images are sent in per category.

Send all submissions to us with "Image Submission" and the size of the image in the subject. Good luck and thank you to all participants.

Check out the current submissions here.