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Planet Orion: the new phase


Homeworld of the Masters...Once Capital of the Galaxy...Containing the Secrets of the Universe...PLANET ORION!



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Hi people! Happy Fourth! Here are a couple rumors that have reached us. Note: NO ONE is saying that these are true or untrue. They're just rumors. Special thanks to Ashtarth and Alexander for providing their input.

Rumor 1: The Dead Races Alive! Yeah, we've heard that the Mrrshan and Elerians will appear in the opening movie of MOO3. There are even whispers of lost Alkari and possibly Darlok settlements that escaped the Antaran/New Orion wrath, and that these planets might be ripe for conquest..

Rumor 2: Real Orions Return! This one seems to be known to a very few. We have reason to believe tha the ACTUAL Orions from the pre-MOO2 era will be retruning home at some point in MOO3. No more is known at present, but it would be cool if they showed up and put the evil Antarans back in their place.

Rumor 3: Emperors aren't immortal anymore! I have been informed that the Emperors MIGHT be treated as just another leader in the empire, so that the player will control several emperors during the course of a game.

Rumor 4: Psilon ground combat issues! Will the Psilons ride on their chairs into battle? This seems to be the case, if you read between the lines. THAT would be a huge problem against opponents with speed at all.