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Planet Orion: the new phase


Homeworld of the Masters...Capital of the Galaxy...Treasure of the Universe...PLANET ORION!



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Hereís a description of all the MOO races.

The Alkari

The Bulrathi

The Darloks

The Humans

The Klackons

The Meklars

The Mrrshan

The Psilons

The Sakkra

The Silicoids   


These avian fighters excelled in space combat. Their ships were really hard to hit, and they often got to shoot first in battle. They could best be described as honorable, somewhat aggressive, and always willing to fight. Propulsion tech was their specialty, but the Alkari never were very good with force field design. They preferred smaller ship designs. The Alkari trusted the Humans; they didnít like the Klackons, Darloks, and Sakkra, and they hated the Mrrshan.

Home System: Altair

Emperors: Skylord, Sharpclaw, Redwing, Farseer, Highsoar, Ariel




These bear-like soldiers were a terror in ground combat. Even when faced with overwhelming odds, they could often manage a victory. As one might guess, Bulrathi liked larger ships. Poor at computers, they were good at researching construction and weapons tech. Bulrathi leaders were often thought to be very aggressive; interestingly, they were also very conscious of their planetary ecologies.  The main enemies of the Bulrathi were the Darloks and the Mrrshan; they did trust the Humans.

Home System: Ursa

Emperors: Monch, Durpp, Grunk, Bullux, Smurch, Krungo





Darloks were enemies of all other races except the Humans. That is because they were a treacherous race of shape-shifting spies. The Darloks were adept at developing new computers, which aided their awesome spying abilities. Darlok leaders were aggressive, but would try to buy time by signing treaties, until their enemies were off guard. Some people have noticed that these creatures resemble the Nazgul.

Home System: Nazin

Emperors: Nazgur, Narzina, Morfane, Shador, Darquan, Ssithra





A more diplomatic race, the Humans trusted and were trusted by every other alien race. Skilled in deals and trade, they also could influence High Council voting in their favor. Human leaders were very honorable, not easily forgetting past wrongs committed by their adversaries. They were outstanding at developing new force fields, and were also good at planetology and propulsion tech.

Home System: Sol

Emperors: Johann III, Durash IV, Strader, Lasitus, Bladrov II, Alexander





Klackon colonies were highly productive. These insect-like beings could work in a very efficient manner to produce whatever the colony needed. Xenophobic, somewhat expansionistic, and constantly building and producing, the Klackons made a formidable enemy. They liked small ships; often their propulsion was below average, but their construction tech was outstanding. The Klackons disliked the Alkari, Darloks, Mrrshan, and Sakkra. They were more receptive to the Humans and Silicoids.

Home System: Kholdan

Emperors: Ixitixl, Kikitik, Klaquan, Kaxal, Kíkalak, Xantak





The Meklars were a cybernetic race; their bodies were weak but their exoskeletons gave them incredible computer interface abilities. They were easily the best race at controlling and refitting factories, leading to very high planetary production. Meklar leaders were often unpredictable, but usually were more concerned with developing their infrastructures than with expansion. The Meklars built large, powerful warships.

Development of planetology tech was slow, but new computer abilities came easily to these cyborgs. Meklars did not like the Darloks and Sakkra, but did trust the Humans and Silicoids.

Home System: Meklon

Emperors: CB-715, QX-537, INT-986, TVC-15, TX-1138, M5-35





Ruthless and fearless, Mrrshan warriors loved nothing more than a good fight. Their accurate shooting and first movement in battle gave them a supreme advantage. Typically, the Mrrshan had one of the largest fleets in the galaxy. Their biggest rivals were the Alkari, but they also hated the Sakkra. In addition, they were on negative terms with the Burathi, Darloks, and Klackons. The only race they did trust was the Humans. Mrrshan technology favored the development of new weapons, but they struggled with construction tech.

Home System: Fierias

Empresses: Jasana, Prrsha, Yalara, Miamar, Shandra, Mirana





This unemotional race was the most brilliant in the galaxy. Not only were they good at researching everything, they also produced more research and had more applications too choose from than anyone else. Psilons tended to be pacifistic, but the occasional erratic emperor did emerge. Psilons would still fight, though, and their ships usually carried the latest devices in every field. They were neutral towards most races, but liked the Humans and didnít like the Darloks.

Home System: Mentar

Emperors: Meson, Kelvan, Dynalon, Quark, Zygot, Tachaon





The Sakkra were a reptilian race. Since they hatched from eggs, their populations grew fast, so they were always looking for new planets to colonize. Ground troops could easily be developed from this high population. Sakkra leaders were fairly aggressive, and could quickly launch a powerful fleet from their rapidly growing worlds. Planetology was their tech specialty. Their enemies include the Alkari, Darloks, Klackons, and Meklars, and especially the Mrrshan. They did favor the Humans.

Home System: Sssla

Emperors: Guanar, Tyranid, Saurak, Sauron, Hissa, Kryssta





Silicoids were rock creatures; their population grew slowly, but pollution and dangerous environments did not affect them at all. This meant that a number of rich, hostile worlds could be colonized quickly.  Computers were also a skill of the Silicoids. Unfortunatly, they were poor in all other scientific areas. They built large ships, and were opposed to the Darloks. They liked the Humans, Klackons, and Meklars.

Home System: Cryslon    

Emperors: Igneous, Geode, Sedimen, Crystous, Granid, Carnax