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Planet Orion: the new phase


Homeworld of the Masters...Capital of the Galaxy...Treasure of the Universe...PLANET ORION!



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Here is a condensed version of the MOO3 story.  Obviously, much more could be said, especially about the Human Peace and the races' struggles with invading Antarans.  Although we may expand this story in the future, the place to look for the whole thing is  This is just a basic background for "people who don't read manuals."

The Master of Orion II period ended with the Humans becoming the dominant race in the galaxy.  The defeat of the Guardian and the storming of Antares proved this beyond all doubt.  Earth proceeded to create a new peace.

At least, that was the idea.

Though their homeworld had been lost, the Antarans were still very much alive.  Their forces in nearby galaxies gathered to crush the Humans and their allies in the so-called "Orion Sector."  After several brutal wars, Earth was defeated and the races were scattered.  It seemed like a dark future for the "Orion races," but an unexpected disaster overtook the Antarans and halted the destruction.  Antarans across the universe began disappearing in huge numbers.  Though there is much speculation about this event, no one knows for certain what really caused it.  The Antarans in the Milky Way broke away from the Antaran Hegemony and formed their own "New Orion" government.  They built a new Guardian, formed the Orion Senate in the old Galactic Council chambers, and ruled the galaxy from Orion.  Their word was law, and disobedience to the Senate was not recommended.   When challenged by a few combative races, they responded in force, and none could oppose them.  The Bulrathi, Gnolams, Elerians, and Mrrshan were totally eliminated.  Though they fought bravely, the Darloks and Alkari were soon overwhelmed as well.  After this, though, a general peace fell upon the galaxy.  

But some of the older races and a few new ones grew restless.  There were those who claimed to be descended from the old, glorious Emperors; there were those who aspired to rule the Antaran-controlled Senate and then the galaxy.  And there were those who, though hopelessly outmatched, wanted to rebuild their formerly powerful empires and annihilate the "New Orion" Antarans once and for all...