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Planet Orion: the new phase


Homeworld of the Masters...Capital of the Galaxy...Treasure of the Universe...PLANET ORION!



MOO3 news: keeping you current on the latest in MOO3 developments.  Stay tuned. 


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7/27/01- Guess what- more pictures did show up. Klackon and Imaseis appear at, along with information about the COMPLEX scoring system in Orion 3. This is good stuff folks...

7/26/01- Well, after the Sakkra, Evon, and Trilarian pictures suddenly appeared, we all hoped that more in-depth info would follow. That was not the case...hopefully more news soon.

7/13/01- has pictures of what we believe are the Sakkra and Trilarian diplomats. Go have a look!

5/29/01- 16 RACES!!! Here they are:
Humaniod: Humans, Psilons, Evons
Ethereans: Imsaeis, Eoladi
Geodics: Silicoids
Cybernetiks: Meklars, Cynoids
Ichthytosians: Trilarians, Nommo
Harvesters: Ithkul
Insectoids: Klackons, Tachidi
Saurians: Sakkra, Raas, Grendarl

5/25/01- 16 RACES??? Hmm...but I do agree that it would be hard to create 32 absolutly unique races. And they did say they could add more later. Who are they? Find out for yourself at

5/23/01- MOO3 was a big winner at E3! Everyone was impressed with its awesome showing. Looks like all the hype was justified (we knew it would be)!>...

5/4/01-  Several of the Backstory writers have their stories posted at ! Congratulations people!

2/24/01-  Official Race Names released! I'll get to work on a MOO3 section to cover them all once more info is out there. Here they are:

ICHTHYTOSIAN: Trilarian, Lumaani, Nommo, Caetean

SAURIAN: Sakkra, Raas, Grendarl, Toth

INSECTOID: Klackons, Cycidica, Niktitik, Tachidi

CYBERNETIK: Meklar, Zed, Cynoid, Binidos

GEODIC: Silicoids, Obsidiate, Pyradi, Kreista

HUMANOID: Human, Psilon, Evon, Varakesh

ETHEREAN: Imsaeis, Maelsar, Eoladi, Dusik

HARVESTER: Dractus, Ithkul, Nadirian, Azraelian