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JamesDaZMan: Hey...bad news
Olivicmic: ?
JamesDaZMan: Angelfire wont let you use Perl5
Olivicmic: did it say that?
JamesDaZMan: Yes.
JamesDaZMan: We need to get a new host...
Olivicmic: uh
JamesDaZMan: While we do, you can still do the test stuff there.
Olivicmic: If its not going to work with angelfire, then it most likely won't work anywhere else
JamesDaZMan: It does.
Olivicmic: where does it say this?
JamesDaZMan: Actually...
JamesDaZMan: A guy told me...
Olivicmic: what guy?
JamesDaZMan: http://www.amphibianweb. com/newspro/members/Ult raBoard.cgi?Action=ShowP ost&Board=install&Post=16 50&Idle=20&Sort=0&Order =Descend&Page=0&Sessio n=jamesdazman.99330797 153355
Olivicmic: Angelrfire supports CGI!!!
JamesDaZMan: It does?
JamesDaZMan: oh
Olivicmic: Let me install it for you
Olivicmic: but not today
JamesDaZMan: ok
Olivicmic: ooops
Olivicmic: I replied for you
JamesDaZMan: ok
JamesDaZMan: m/
JamesDaZMan: Username: NRebelli
JamesDaZMan: Password:

JamesDaZMan: Log in!
JamesDaZMan: There?
Olivicmic: This is a pay site?
JamesDaZMan: Nope
Olivicmic: Invalid username
JamesDaZMan: It said that to me too...
JamesDaZMan: but I pressed back, and that's what it was
JamesDaZMan: Why don't you try "Brandon"
Olivicmic: did they give you a url?
JamesDaZMan: nope
JamesDaZMan: not yet.
JamesDaZMan: Did you log in?
Olivicmic: won't let me
JamesDaZMan: Get your own...
JamesDaZMan: And try...
Olivicmic: I don't like this host
Olivicmic: I can find us a better one
JamesDaZMan: Ok, try...
JamesDaZMan: there are only 5 that let you use perl5.
JamesDaZMan: 5 free ones anyway
Olivicmic: who said that?
JamesDaZMan: http://plushpuffin.virtualav .html
Olivicmic: well I am certain angelfire can use CGI
Olivicmic: 100%
JamesDaZMan: Ok, I need you to try
Olivicmic: why try? Im certain
JamesDaZMan: No, to put it on.
JamesDaZMan: hang on
Olivicmic: Not today
Olivicmic: Go to the botttom
JamesDaZMan: newspro/
Olivicmic: I'll save the url
JamesDaZMan: ok
Olivicmic: I need a list of features for the site
Olivicmic: sections I mean
JamesDaZMan: Our site?
JamesDaZMan: Ok
JamesDaZMan: Hang on
JamesDaZMan wants to directly connect.
Olivicmic's software does not support sending and receiving IM images.
NRebellion Games
NRebellion Boards

JamesDaZMan: As of now at least...
Olivicmic: well post a more complete list at X2
JamesDaZMan: yes
Olivicmic signed off at 1:50:23 PM.
Olivicmic signed on at 1:57:05 PM.
Olivicmic: why do you want to use the news group thing anyway?
JamesDaZMan: because...I hate using 1 password and HTML
JamesDaZMan: http://www.amphibianweb. com/newspro/docs/newspr o_installation.html#require
Olivicmic: you can do more with HTML
JamesDaZMan: oh
Olivicmic: I can't even intstall this!!!
JamesDaZMan: ?
Olivicmic: its too complex
Olivicmic: uh... sure
JamesDaZMan: You just do the HTML for now.
JamesDaZMan: Go to the new account and help there
JamesDaZMan: m/prohosting/browse.jsp?s ite=HTML&main=welcome. html
Olivicmic: uh... CAN't
Olivicmic: broken link
Olivicmic: wy are switching from angelfire?
JamesDaZMan: http://freeadmin.prohostin
JamesDaZMan: try it
Olivicmic: where's the HTML?
JamesDaZMan: Go there
JamesDaZMan: the password is:
Olivicmic: I am!
Olivicmic: secret2
JamesDaZMan: password2
JamesDaZMan: the name is:
JamesDaZMan: nrabg
Olivicmic: arrrrrrrrrrggggghhhhhhhhh
Olivicmic: invalid
JamesDaZMan: maybe it's secret2
Olivicmic: well Im gonna work on angelfire right now
JamesDaZMan: ok
JamesDaZMan: our account?
Olivicmic: yes
JamesDaZMan: Ok
JamesDaZMan: What's the link
JamesDaZMan: ?
JamesDaZMan: to Angelfire.
Olivicmic: ????
Olivicmic: to what angelfire?
JamesDaZMan: the account
Olivicmic: games3/nrebelliongames
JamesDaZMan: Username/Password?
JamesDaZMan: I forgot. Sorry.
JamesDaZMan: I'm in
JamesDaZMan: nevermind
Olivicmic: ok
Olivicmic: ignore index_2
JamesDaZMan: ok
Olivicmic: we ccan have people e-mail stories instead of using the newsgroup thing
JamesDaZMan: I'm gonna try it first
JamesDaZMan: e-mailing stories gets old
Olivicmic: not really
Olivicmic: and we can collect e-mail addresses now for newsletters
JamesDaZMan: yeah
JamesDaZMan: I want to do that
Olivicmic: I've done it already
Olivicmic: but you can't see it yet
JamesDaZMan: How do you collect them?
Olivicmic: a script
JamesDaZMan: neat
Olivicmic: you can look at index.html.TXT
Olivicmic: not .html, just .html.TXT
JamesDaZMan: ok
Olivicmic: I MIGHT be able to make a crude message board too
Olivicmic: less crude than yours of course ;-)
JamesDaZMan: yeah
JamesDaZMan: Mine is CRUDE very CRUDE!
Olivicmic: note the emphasis on CRUDE
JamesDaZMan: Who is yodaman?
Olivicmic: thats a joke
JamesDaZMan: oh
Olivicmic: just testing it
JamesDaZMan: How do you delete it?
Olivicmic: not sure
Olivicmic: I figure it out later
JamesDaZMan: Hope there isn't a real Yodaman....
JamesDaZMan: *...
JamesDaZMan: lol!
JamesDaZMan: J/K
Olivicmic: You can look at this (The background will be black)
JamesDaZMan: neat
Olivicmic: Nintendo, movies... what else?
JamesDaZMan: RPGM2000
Olivicmic: ok.. and?
Olivicmic: I making the menu bar right now, so I need to know
JamesDaZMan: I don't know...
JamesDaZMan: I need it to be Nintendo only...
Olivicmic: staff
JamesDaZMan: Yes
Olivicmic: just tell me the sections
Olivicmic: boards?
NRebellionGames(RPGM200 0)

JamesDaZMan: May I see?
Olivicmic: uh.............. No
JamesDaZMan: I've gotten pretty good at this CGI!
Olivicmic: okiday
Olivicmic: you cant look yet
JamesDaZMan: o...k...But, I want to...
Olivicmic: im sure
JamesDaZMan: and at the bottom, will you have Affiliates
Olivicmic: I had links
JamesDaZMan: You do?
JamesDaZMan: Ok
JamesDaZMan: yeah
Olivicmic: Almost got it!!!!
JamesDaZMan: good
JamesDaZMan: Look:
JamesDaZMan: /~nrgames/index.htm
Olivicmic: gimme a sec
Olivicmic: The Board (a work in progress)
JamesDaZMan: can't see it.
Olivicmic: here
Olivicmic: Did you see?
JamesDaZMan: Yeah!
JamesDaZMan: I posted!
Olivicmic: Twas a pain to make
JamesDaZMan: I bet!
JamesDaZMan: What happened to the Board?
Olivicmic: New Name :-)
Olivicmic: The EZboards will be "NRebellion Classic" and this one will be "NRebellion Quick Board"
JamesDaZMan: yeah
JamesDaZMan: Wait, howabout...NRebellion Boards, and NRebellion Staff Board
Olivicmic: Im not sure exactly how to lock it
Olivicmic: how's about NRebellion Boards, and NRebellion Quick Messages?
JamesDaZMan: yeah
Olivicmic: ok
Olivicmic: Im done for today
Olivicmic: what did you make
JamesDaZMan: Not much
Olivicmic: Did you get the news group working?
JamesDaZMan: ...nope
Olivicmic: I guess we use e-mail till we get a good sytem going
JamesDaZMan: Ok
JamesDaZMan: I'll brb in 5-10 min
Olivicmic: ok

Auto response from JamesDaZMan: Hi Olivicmic I'm eating right now. I left at 6:24:02 PM and should be back in ten miniutes.

JamesDaZMan: back
JamesDaZMan: some freaks areon the board
Olivicmic: The smurf is me
Olivicmic: the other guy... Im not sure
Olivicmic: HEY!!!


Olivicmic: WAKE-UP!!
Olivicmic: I changed the angelfire password

Auto response from JamesDaZMan: As you can see, I'm away. What's so weird about that Olivicmic ? Leave me a message, and I'll be sure to get back to you.

JamesDaZMan: huh
JamesDaZMan: I'll brb
Olivicmic: new Angelfire password is smurf
JamesDaZMan: what's the PW?
JamesDaZMan: ok
JamesDaZMan: brb
JamesDaZMan: Back
Olivicmic: ok
Olivicmic: Are we going to be hosting RPGM?
JamesDaZMan: Yes.
Olivicmic: arghhhh
JamesDaZMan: what?
Olivicmic: whos making that page?
JamesDaZMan: Me.
Olivicmic: ok
Olivicmic: well gonna
JamesDaZMan: Huh?
Olivicmic: gotta go
JamesDaZMan: No
JamesDaZMan: Wait
Olivicmic: hurry
JamesDaZMan: Are you going to be back today?
Olivicmic: yeah way later
JamesDaZMan: What time?
JamesDaZMan: Just because...
Olivicmic: it depends
JamesDaZMan: Ok
JamesDaZMan: See ya!
Olivicmic: later
JamesDaZMan: Bye
Olivicmic signed off at 8:01:05 PM.