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Mugen W.I.P.

Max a ken wannabe that went down the path of evil.
percentage complete=10. 5%

Zoo- A rogue biker that claims to be related to kyo and iori.
percentage complete=5%

evilguy , guy wanted to test his strength by finding and defeating akuma, but just as guyy did his bushin rage attack akuma countered with the shinku hadoken. A few days later guy awakens to see that he is not dead and akuma says he admires your courage little 1 but u aren't strong enough . So akuma tells guy that he'll train guy so he would be a worthy challege.
percentage complete=8%

hinjin omega
percentage complete=3%

hinjin alpha
percentage complete=1%

hinjin cyclone
percentage complete=1%

hinjin guijin
percentage complete=1%

I finally decided to finish my old wips since they where almost done
dan- sff file and air file was done
guile- only have the required sprites done
goku- everything was done but i wanna recode him
buu- everything done i just wanna recode him
the final zero- everything done i just wanna recode him