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7/17/01 Dan is still being worked on I have to iron out the bugs he has before I do anything else to him. Zenaga my upcoming rpg is going nicely story and graphic wise but I want to add the Final Fantasy 6 type battles to it. Shoryuken2 hmmm I can't tell you until after I release it. Trying to get an rpg site started. i'm aiming on 1 like rpg2knet but I have to find a good host. I have to wait and see what the webmaster of Rpgtsukuru says in the email. RPG Makers Guild and The Legia Lagoon (Also an Rpg maker site) Both coing soon.

7/10/01 My first screenpack is released get it in the mugen downloads. :)

7/8/01 Ok everything is set and i'm gonna bring up the acts section where you can send acts u made in for others to dl or dl the ones i made in the mugen acts section. Even though i have to do most of the spriting for my other wips over i don't give a damn i promise u that they'll all be finished someday.

7/5/01 that problem is fixed and i'm currently still doing dan and halted the work on the hinjin clan for now. Added a small exe spritesheet its my first sprite sheet and i also uploaded a new omega sprite

6/25/01 DAMN it my system crashed and i have to re-add every damn thing i had SHITTTT

6/20/01 If no one likes the layout i did for the body weapon site i'll use that layout for this site

6/16/01 nothin new but a few sprite sets. I may not have as much time as i thought since i want to get me a job. Vote for me also... thanx :) Also the guestbooks and voting blocks are below this.

6/14/01 I uploaded my old sprites from my never released characters goku, blue mary and buu. I uploaded all of my stages from my old stages to this 1. I also uploaded some more pics of hinjin omega. A new stage was also released today by me hehe.

6/13/01 I started sprite work on hinjin omega and zoo i decided to postpone max until i find a better design for his face and evil guy because I wanted to change some things. Started working on a few stages and ideas for other characters. I eleminated the right frame since it takes awhile to load on other computers for some people. I will also need help bringing my ideas for their special attacks so i'm also lookin for someone who can help me program characters.

6/5/01 I have started more sprite work on max today, AND FINALS ARE OVER .!! I have alittle bit more time to work on mugen and i'm posting a gif of my new characters inro.............

5/31/01 Just a few site updates. And i want to give thanx out to Nightmare Zero for helping me with the left frame and Colinssj7 for the image map banners. Don't forget to add a link to my site on yours

5/30/01 Since I have been going threw an identity crisis the site will now be forever known as trunkszero's mugen files. All of the other sections will stay of course and the new layout will be done soon so if you want to affiliate with you have to

1. be a megaman, mugen, anime, programming or music site

2. email me the pic and your email address(pics have to be no bigger than w=88 by h=49

evil guy is also on the way i'll post pictures later

5/22/01 Only a new stage added today

5/21/01 I have made the mugen tutorials page added 2 tutorials and started 2 new characters i'll add more links in every section tommorrow or wensday whenever i get a chance to since i'm busy with the new layout does anyone know howto make the frame appear on the right side also email that info to and thanx for advanced if you do tell me how

5/19/01 Its been awhile but i'm working on new characters and a different layout. The MM Mugen and Mugen Stage sections have been updated expect a new layout and more things soon. After I move everything over to my new server i'll open up the anime and gaming section, and awards section.

5/8/01 I just submitted the site to various search engines, and webrings/topsite lists added anime section, and now the site will be called Megaman, Mugen and Anime. Added a couple of new sections you'll have to see what is new yourself

5/5/01 Just small updates like the request a sprite, mugen liks, affiliates, downloads and other sections are up just go over their and look for yourself

5/3/01 This site is still in working progress this site will be fully operational soon...update by trunkszero

5/1/01: The new site is in progress and i'll have alot of free time on my hands since don't have to goto summer school and since i'm not looking for a summer job right now you can expect me to pump out characters every other day...-update by trunkszero

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