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Character Info

Megaman series

I'll add pics for the others later
Megaman-The first robot created by Dr. Light. MegaMan was designed as a robot who feels the feelings of humans,pain and also thinks like one. MegaMan is the main hero in the MegaMan series. First apperance In Megaman(1989) Last apperance Rockman & Forte(1999)

Protoman-he was technically Both Dr. Light and Dr. Wilys first creation as a sort of team up project. Protoman constantlly malfunctioned and going beserk, Wily saw his destructive power and decided to seal and use him to take over the world. During His first incounter with Megaman, Protoman injured his memory chip and became a free bot no longer under the control of wily. First Apperance Megaman3(1994) Last apperance Rockman & Forte(1999)

Bass-Bass was one of Dr. Wilys Best creations being better than megaman in every way destined to defeat megaman First Apperance Megaman7(199?) Last apperance Rockman & Forte(1999)

Roll-Created as a maid/lab assistant, she supplies megaman with wheapons and tips. First Apperance Megaman3(1993) Last apperance Rockman & Forte(1999)

Dr. Light-The creator of megaman, roll, rush, the robot masters in the first megaman game, auto, eddie, and his final creation X (note:light didn't create beat it was a gift) First Apperance Megaman3(1993) Last apperance MegamanX5(2001)

Wily- An evil scientist who wants to take over the world but is repeatedly stopped by megaman, Wily created every robot master in the megaman series except the robot masters in Megaman1, his last creation was Zero First Apperance Megaman(1989) Last apperance MegamanX4(1999)

Auto- Built by Dr. Light to man the Item Replicator. Auto's programming is not complex but he is always cheerful and lighthearted. First Apperance Megaman7(1996) Last apperance Rockman & Forte or Megaman8(1999)