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Megaman news-5/20/01
More exe and X6 news

Megaman: Battle Network EXE-Mega Man Battle Network--known as Battle Network Rockman EXE--is indeed coming to the US, Capcom confirmed today. The game is set on Earth in the year 200x, a period in which the Internet has penetrated the life of every human on the planet. As a boy named Netto, players must team up with Mega Man in order to fight Internet pirates and their computer viruses. Players will alternately assume the roles of Netto and Mega Man in both the real world and the network world in order to tackle the appropriate obstacles. The game features an RPG-like battle engine. Mega Man Battle Network is due out in August

MegaManX6-Due to strong consumer demand, Capcom has decided to continue the Mega Man X series. Mega Man X6 takes place three weeks after Hunter Zero gave his life to save planet Earth from the crashing space colony at the end of Mega Man X5. The world is now a wasteland, and humankind has employed reploids to rebuild it. What looks like a smooth transition, however, is disrupted when Alia alerts Mega Man that a gigantic reploid has gone on a rampage, thus beginning his adventure. The game will utilize a "nightmare system," which, in effect, causes the player's actions in previous stages to impact events in future stages. Alternate paths, for example, could open up, and so could traps, new enemies, and the like. Each of the game's stages will also be randomized in terms of layout and enemy placement, ensuring a relatively unique experience each time the game is played. Scattered throughout the stages will also be friendly reploids, which will grant players power-ups when they are picked-up. "Capcom's Mega Man products continue to delight video game fans around the world, and this new installment will continue the legacy established for this hit franchise," said Todd Thorson, Capcom's director of marketing. "Mega Man X6 introduces new features while continuing the classic gameplay experience of its predecessors. To date, more than 8 millions of copies of Mega Man have been sold worldwide." No release date has been set for Mega Man X6. Stay with GameSpot for continuing coverage.


Megaman news-5/8/01
Mega X6 and extreme 2 have been confirmed at E3

Megaman news-5/1/01
Battle Network Rockman EXE
Known as Rockman in Japan, Mega Man, one of Capcom's most popular mascots, is making his way to the Game Boy Advance in a new series called Battle Network Rockman EXE. A departure from the classic Mega Man formula, Battle Network Rockman EXE puts a new spin on the Internet and everyone's favorite blue-suited hero. The year is 200x, and humans live through the existence of a portable console called PET with the help of an AI program called Net Navigator. The PET has made life more convenient, but it also enables Internet-related crimes caused by viruses and crackers. You'll assume the role of a young boy named Hikari Netto, who will use Rockman, his Net Navigator, to help bring peace and order to the world. Battle Network Rockman EXE is composed of two completely different worlds. In the actual world you play as Netto, and you can walk around and talk to people in typical role-playing-game fashion. The cyberworld is where you take the role of Rockman and fight enemies in random encounters, solve puzzles, and complete various missions. You won't be able to directly control Rockman, but you will take on an almost technical-support role for the character. You are required to help Rockman exchange e-mails, surf the World Wide Web, and purchase items from online shopping sites. Also, by connecting to a PET you will be able to enter into different electronic home appliances such as a microwave oven or toaster. Not only will each appliance have valuable information stored within it, but it will also have dangerous enemies for you to battle and crimes for you to solve. The battles occur on a 3x8 grid. You can push the D-pad in any direction to move from one square to another and fire your weapon. Pressing on the L button brings up a menu where you can equip special weapons, such as a shotgun, sword, or pickax. The battle continues until either you or your enemies have been "deleted." The game is mission-based, and the story progresses in a series of chapters. Battle Network Rockman EXE is certainly a departure from the conventional Mega Man formula. The game could breathe new life into the series, or it could be too far from the mark to satisfy fans. Battle Network Rockman EXE is scheduled to ship this March in Japan.