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Word to Constituants

  • We had a few problems with our Frontpage extensions.  As a result, we had to reset them.  You may have experienced a bad load of the website.  We apologize for that.  If you have any problems, please let us know.  Click here.
  • If you had subscribed to our Newsletter, we ask that you re-register.  A recent change in code has forced all who were subscribed to be lost.  We're sorry for the inconvenience.
  • It has begun!  The GOLDEN GOLEM Award.  Submit your photos to earn your chance to win the prestigious award of Golden Golem. 
  • If you had submitted your site before 1 May, please resubmit.
  • Please take the time to review our site.  Find this on the right tool bar.
  • I have added more home grown stuff.  Click Here
  • Product Reviews!  Post your recommendations, moans and complaints about GW products you purchased.

Larry Leadhead's Comic Strip of the day 

Feature Strip

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Web Changes (Last 5 Changes)

  • 5/08/01  -  Changed some code in the newsletter engine.
  • 5/06/01  -  Added Larry Leadhead© feature comic strip for your reading pleasure.
  • 4/13/01  -  PRODUCT REVIEWS ADDED.
  • 4/13/01  -  RUMORS are here! 
  • 4/11/01  -  Fixed the menu problem.  They should be showing now.  'twas a Frontpage problem.

Soon to Come!

  • More auctions!

About Me

  • I'm currently stationed in Okinawa, Japan serving in the US Marines.
  • I've been playing Warhammer and WH40K Oct '99.  I enjoy playing 5 different armies (Orcs & Goblins, Empire, Blood Angels, Catachans, and Necrons) on a regular basis.
  • I also play at the monthly tourneys with the Tabletop Warriors at the Schilling Community Center of Kadena AB.

Things to see here

  • In this site you will find pictures of battles we have played.
  • Pictures of my painting work and various armies.
  • Some of the WHFB and WH40K stuff I'm tired of seeing that's for sale.
  • Other stuff as I see fit.

Contact Information

If you have any questions regarding one of my sales/auctions please feel free to contact me through the feedback form.  Thanks.





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