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LuLu's Sim Stuff has Come to an End

Yes, I know. Don't hold back your tears! (Either that or you were hoping for this to happen.) I finally said "Down with the pages!" and deleted them. It wasn't too hard to do . . . physically I mean. All you have to do is press a button!

I think this will be the end as far as Sim Sites for me goes. Don't plan on starting another one any time soon. Maybe now I'll actually have some free time . . . if I can find the time!

Hmm . . . to release the new site or to not release the new site . . . well, the whole thing is currently under construction, so why not give you another site to put in your favorites? Yeah, one of those ones that when you're looking through your favorites, you see and wonder what the hell it is. Then you go to it and say "Oh yeah, that site! Why did I bookmark it in the first place?" Well, why not? Here you go! Julie's Random Site of Random Things that are Random. Gasp! It uses my real name! No duh it does. I mean, come on, you were going to find out some day, weren't you? Unless you didn't care . . . hey, it's another useless fact!