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SlowAssNeon's Garage
The main page has moved!

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I also have some miscellaneous pictures here on the Angelfire pages, so feel free to view them. Just click on the link below. (there should also be a link on the main page soon too, just gotta add it)

Click here for the list of other pictures

Also, heres some other pics of stuff from my car and other junk:

Pic of where my "juice boost" switch is located at (it adjusts the amp running my subs)

Pic of my headlights on with the foglights on. You can sorta see that the headlights are a more white color than the foglights, with a hint of blue. I need to get a better shot tho so ya can really tell.

A pic of my Pacesetter exhaust on the car

Another pic of the exhaust, this one from the side

Yet another shot of the exhaust

A pic of my "custom" installation of my Equalizer under the head unit