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Great GM Games

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Here I plan on having a few of the greatest GM games ever played. 
They will be thoroughly annotated for your enjoyment.

Click  HERE  to go to my DEEPLY!! annotated game, 
Capablanca-Alekhine; 21st World Championship Match game 
that was held in Buenos Aries, 1927.

In fact, I'd like to nominate my self for an honor. 
I consider the game below to be one of the most carefully 
annotated chess games anywhere in the world. 

You don't believe me? Then please show me  ONE GAME  
where the annotator was at least a Master and spent between 
one and two thousand hours on an individual game!!! 
(See below for a detailed explanation of this game's history... 
and my involvement with it!!) 

Time Consumption

Many people have written me (between 20-30), and asked me if the time I spent on the Capablanca - Alekhine game was an exaggeration. 
(See the intro to the game Capablanca-Alekhine, Buenos Aries, 1927. Or click  HERE  to go to that page.)

After careful thought, I must say that the amount of time was severely  UNDER-ESTIMATED!  As of today, (April 16, 2001.); I am still working on this game. I have had the web page fail. (It become unstable and forced me to delete it.)  I have had to do this at least 5-6 times.

 This lost untold hours of work!! 

(I talked to an expert, and he said that the pages I was constructing were simply too large for FrontPage 2000.) Whatever the reason, I gave up on this entire project many times. (But determination to succeed always brought me back to try again!!)

During the period of Jan-Feb of 2001, I kept a journal of how much time I spent on this one project.  Before telling you this, you must understand my work habits. I often work 10-20 hours at a stretch before sleeping. When I am excited and engaged in a project, I can get by on 3-4 hours sleep every one to two days. Anyway, during this period that I was keeping a journal, I got in over 130 hours of work in about a 2.5 week period. Now while I may admit that I worked hard on this project during that period, it was not a gross variance from my normal work schedule. 

I also did not intentionally start on this game to make a point, as several people have accused me of doing. It actually started when a friend sent me the game via e-mail, and said Alekhine missed an easy mate. (Or maybe several!!) In fact he thought that they must have both been drunk or something - perhaps in time pressure - as it appeared that both players missed several easy wins that he had seen. 
(See the intro of the Capa-Alekhine game for more details.)

To make a very long story a little shorter, I just want to say that I worked on this game (on and off) for nearly a year  BEFORE  I even thought about using this game or publishing it in any way. Only AFTER I published it in FL's State Chess Magazine did I consider placing it on a web page. (Several Masters told me it was one of the best [and most meticulous] game annotations they had ever seen. One even said it rivaled GM Svetozar  Gligoric's old column in Chess Life, (Formerly called "Chess Life & Review.); called "The Game of the Month.")
(Click  HERE  to go to  Chess Life's  on-line magazine.)

What this means is I easily had around 250 hours ... 
 ... invested in this game ... 
(Probably more like 600, to be honest. I worked on for nearly 9 months.
Just the opening survey alone took like 4 months of work to complete!)
Remember: At this point I had NO INTENTION of doing anything 
with the game at all, other than maybe using it as a lesson with 
my local students.

One of my local students then suggested I publish the game, as he thought it was a very fine piece of work. (At that time, the print-out was about 8-10 pages in length. Its now closer to 50!!) Then I spent another 25 hours polishing the game up, before I sent it in to The FL State Chess Magazine.

AFTER  it was published in the state magazine, an old friend called me. 


(His first name is Don. He lives in South FL, but used to live in Pensacola. When he lived in P'cola, he was a regular attendee at our chess club.)  He virtually demanded that I publish this game on my web-site.  (After he had seen it published in the FL Chess magazine.)  Initially even I thought it was a good idea! Little did I know what I was letting myself in for!! 
( Don, next time I see you,  buddy ... lol )


I originally intended to polish it up a bit more, print it out; and then take it to a local print shop and scan it up as a text document - and then just post it more or less as it was on my web site.

 Then I acquired ChessBase 8.0.  
(Click here to go to the ChessBase web-site.) 
This instantly gave me the ability to convert a chess game in my database(s) to an RTF document, convert a game to the java script replay format, 
(I have finally figured this feature out! You will now see many 
 games now on my web sites in the java-script re-play format.) 
the ability to e-mail games, AND the ability convert a game to an HTML document. 
 At first I was overjoyed, but then I realized that this was NOT all it was cracked up to be.)  

I also did not like the nearly  ENDLESS  use of parenthesis that ChessBase generated!!! 

At first, I despaired of doing anything with what was cranked out by CB. 
But I have always felt that, "Where there is a will, there is a way!"

Anyway, I started on a few simple games. I even did an HTML conversion of a few friends' games, so he/they could post it on his web-site. 
After I was through tinkering, I figured I had enough experience to do this, no problem. 
 (Boy, was I wrong!)

After doing a couple of relatively simple games, I figured the time had come to do a few hard ones. One of the things I did NOT take into account was how much work this whole thing was going to be. I also did not know that FrontPage had a built-in design problem and was not really set up to deal with really huge html documents. I also did not know the dangers involved with copying a document off the web. 


(When it first became corrupted, I figured, "No problem." I will just pull up my web-site and just copy {re-copy} what I had already done. An experienced programmer knows the inherent dangers in this process. I did NOT know, but I was about to get an education. Another aspect is that if there is a mistake in the html or a "Code-bug," you are just going to perpetuate that problem indefinitely.) 


The amount of work was GREATLY exacerbated by my lack of education as a programmer. I probably made endless mistakes. Also FrontPage caused me untold headaches, especially by "CCWP." (An acronym I have coined to describe a problem in FrontPage which I have decided to label, --->    .......... "Continuously Corrupted Web - Pages.") !!!   :(  

Anyway, as of this writing, (April 16, 2001.); I estimate I have between 1000 to 1,500 hours in this one project!  (My Capa-Alekhine web page.) (Multiply - at least! - around 100 hours a month times around 18 months. Give or take 2-3 hundred hours.)

You think I am kidding?  ***   I WISH I WAS! 


December 15th, 2001:  I have tried to spend at least one hour 
a day on this game for the last few months. 
--- While I may have occasionally missed a day, I have been 
pretty faithful to this goal. So after hundreds and hundreds - 
- if not thousands!!! - of hours of work, 
I am close to being finished with this game. 
(This web-site was "off the air" for a few days in mid December, 2001. Many apologies. 
 I was working on it almost continually during this period.) 

Dec. 14th, 2001:  I also plan on bringing a few more great GM games to this website very shortly. I have already begun annotating these games. 


One of the games I plan on also bringing to you here, - although not as deeply annotated as the other game! - (I have already begun the task of annotating this game.) is another of the games from the Alekhine - Capa Match.   
(GM R. Fine considers it Alekhine's BEST-EVER game!!)   


"From a technical point of view, the game which won the title for Alekhine from Capablanca, (34th Match Game, 1927.); is unquestionably the finest game of his (Alekhine's) career." - GM Ruben Fine

From his book, "The World's Great Chess Games," ( 1951.)  by  GM R. Fine

So stay tuned!!!

 Click HERE - to go to my "Annotated Games" page in my GeoCities web-site. I have about two dozen annotated games there for your enjoyment. 
(Plus - if you are a fan of Alekhine, you should visit my pages on,  "The Best Short Games Ever Played," and the page on, "The Best All-Time Chess Games."More games of Alekhine's for your enjoyment!!) 

(Alekhine vs. Euwe, Game # 24.)

Click  HERE  to go to the web-site,
(Cowderoy Graphics); where I got this cool photo.

Here I eventually will have a few great GM games. They will be thoroughly annotated in the style for which I am well-known. And - once again - they will be available nowhere else. Be sure to Drop me a line, tell me what game (or games) you would like to see here. 

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