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Capa-Alek (1-9)

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Jose R. Capablanca (2775) - Alexander A. Alekhine (2745) 


World Championship Match in Buenos Aires, 
Argentina. (Game # 11), 1927.

Thus far, we have analyzed the first 59 moves, i.e. :
1. d4, d5; 2. c4, e6; 3. Nc3, Nf6; 4. Bg5, Nbd7; 
5. e3, c6; 6. Nf3, Qa5; ('!') 7. Nd2, Bb4; 8. Qc2, dxc4;
9. Bxf6 Nxf6; 10. Nxc4 Qc7; 11. a3!, Be7; 12. Be2 0-0; 
13. 0-0 Bd7; 14. b4, b6; 15. Bf3, Rac8; 16. Rfd1, Rfd8; 
17. Rac1 Be8; 18. g3, Nd5; 19. Nb2!?, Qb8; 20. Nd3 Bg5!;
21. Rb1 Qb7; 22. e4!?, Nxc3; 23.Qxc3, Qe7; 24. h4, Bh6; 
25. Ne5, g6; 26. Ng4, Bg7; 27. e5!?, h5; 28. Ne3, c5; ('!') 
29. Bxc5?!, bxc5; 30. d5, exd5; 31. Nxd5, Qe6; 32. Nf6+, Bxf6; 
33. exf6; Rxd1+; 34. Rxd1, Bc6; 35. Re1, Qf5; 36. Re3, c4!; 
37. a4?!, a5!; 38. Bg2, Bxg2; 39. Kxg2, Qd5+; 40. Kh2, Qf5; 
41. Rf3, Qc5; 42. Rf4, Kh7!; 43. Rd4, Qc6; 44. Qxa5, c3;
45. Qa7, Kg8; ('!') 46. Qe7, Qb6; 47. Qd7, Qc5; 48. Re4, Qxf2+;
49. Kh3, Qf1+; 50. Kh2, Qf2+; 51. Kh3, Rf8; 52. Qc6, Qf1+;
53. Kh2, Qf2+; 54. Kh3, Qf3; 55. Kh2, Kh7; 56. Qc4, Qf2+;
57. Kh3, Qg1; 58. Re2, Qf1+; 59. Kh2, Qxf6.

Black just captured a key pawn on f6.
White's game is on the brink of collapse.

60. a5, 

  "When in doubt, whip it out." Hmmm. " No, no, no. That's not right."
(White advances his a-Pawn.)


White begins an exciting pawn race, each pawn sailing 
up the board with the aim of promotion.


(A Spanish-speaking player from the country of Columbia told 
me the following story one year at the 
World Open.  He said, 
---> his Father was present at this game. According to him, 
of the Masters who were commentating on this game, 
(in a room far removed from the actual game); 
all felt Black was now LOST, 
as he could not stop White's a-Pawn!!!)

Now a key alternative is: 

[ 60. Rc2?!, Re8!; 61. Qxc3,
(Or 61. Rxc3, Qf2+; 62. Kh3, Re2; {"
61...Re2+; 62. Kg1,

(Or 62. Kh1, Qf1#; or 62. Rxe2, Qxc3; {"
62...Qf2+; 63. Kh1, Qh2#. ]


60...Rd8; ('!')

  Black just played ...Rd8. What does he have in mind?
(Black just played 60...Rd8.)


Black will now make, "A splendid combination," 
to use Capablanca's own words. {A.J.G.}. 


61. a6 Qf1!;

   "Man, I am really getting tired of running from this White Queen!!!,"  thinks the Black King.

Black now threatens to play ...Rd1;  winning. 


62. Qe4 Rd2;

  "OK, OK. So we swap Rooks. So what?"

A key point of the combination. White's Rook is removed and he 
is left one tempo down in the winning tactical sequence. {A.J.G.} 

63. Rxd2 cxd2;

  "Let's see. I think it was, ' When in doubt, push a pawn; ' "  thinks White to himself.  (Yeah! THAT's THE TICKET!)


64. a7 d1Q; 65. a8Q;

   "How often have you seen FOUR QUEENS on the chess-board in a World Championship Match?"  asks Life-Master A.J.

This position has appeared in many problem books as, 
"Black to move and mate in 3."


65... Qg1+; ('!')

   "If I only had a gun ...."   thinks the White King.


66. Kh3 Qdf1+;

     "Ouch!!! That's not fair!"

 White Resigns.   
[ Its Mate in one. 67. Qg2, Qh1#! ] 
(Both Crafty and HiArcs 7.32 see mate in 1. 
Fritz 5.32 sees mate in 3!! ).
(Of course the newer programs today find the 
mate-in-one without any problem. Jan. 06, 2002.) 


 One of the all-time classic games. Every aspiring
Master should have to learn this game.


(The great Capa himself called this, "A wonderful and splendid game." 
And bear in mind he was not usually quick to praise his arch-rival!).


Believe it or not, I referred to more than 20 different 
books while annotating this game! 


This game's annotations, comments, and writings' are copyrighted 
(c), by A.J. Goldsby I, USCF LIFE-Master;  (c) 2000; (c) 2001. These writings, annotations and analysis are the property of the author. They may not be published, copied, or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without the express, written permission of the author.  


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