What you will find here is stories, that would be considered Fan Fiction. What is that you ask? Fan Fiction is the continuation of a previously ended story. The characters are the same, with the addition of a few, and the plot is based around them, to some extent. For the most part this would all be done for fun.

I do not have any cheats, codes, music or walkthroughs, technically speaking. Although the game is the greatest, in my opinion, I feel if you haven't beaten it yet you should do so without special stuff first. Then have fun.

My first real undertaking here is translating the FFVII game into a novel form. I'm not doing it for any other reason than my own enjoyment and because I want to get to know the characters better. Nothing wrong with that I hope? This should take me awhile to do but I look forward to the challenge.

Here is a link to the page that got me started in all of this. Oh no not another Final Fatasy VII page Check this site out, its great.

For those interested, I also have another page. This one completely original called EPIC. There is a link below so if you want to read it feel free to go there. I should be doing an update on that page when I'm not working on this one. ENJOY!!!!

David R. NoŽl

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