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Tip #1:Always have a tank class pull. Either have a warrior, paladin, shadow knight, or ranger pull. If neither one of those classes are in you group, then you next best bet will have to be a shaman or druid.

Tip #2:Always make sure that everyone in your group is ready for the pull. Let everyone know that you are pulling.

Tip #3:Make a hot key for pulling. Call it Inc. To make this hot key do the following.....

  1. Take a blank hot key from social
  2. Right click it
  3. Type the following: /g Inc

That way when you are running and pulling, you won't have to type while you are manuvering. you can just hit the hot key.

Tip #4:When raiding dungeons or any place that is indoors, make sure you never leave anyone behind. Always stay with the group. Make sure everyone is ready before leaving an area or room. Always remember this golden rule.

United we stand, Divided we fall.