Ritual Tools

Below is a brief and personal descriptions of tools used in rituals and spells.

Image of the Goddess and God:

This can be a statuette, picture, Stones, craving and etc. These are used to focus your energy to the Goddess and God.


A triple edged knife, used to direct energy in the circle. To cut doorways in and out of the circle, consecrating the salt and water, initiations, and swearing oaths. Each member of a coven or practicionar should have there own athame.


Used for burning herbs, incense and used to invite the Goddess and God.

White Knife:

Used only for actual cutting inside the circle.


Used for Circle casting, consecration of altar tools. Used in making Blessed water. Also used to represent earth.


Used in purifying ones self. Purify the circle and the area around it. Also used to represent water


A disc usually made of metal or wood. Used to place offerings on. A focus for energy

The Cauldron:

A symbol of the Goddess, used to burn wood or mixed brews during rituals or spell making.


Not a item overlly used by all. Used to calm the mind and ready the spirit for the task on hand. We personally ring the bell three times before a ritual and three times after. Once for the Goddess, once for the God and once for us.


Used for initiation rituals, handfasting and a symbol of ones commitment to the coven/ path.

An Altar Cloth:

A Cloth that can be place on the altar to protect the altar for wax or other tools. Can have symbols or just plain.

The Altar:

This can be anything. A coffee table, table, or boulder. It can be round, square, or rectangular. It's a matter of personal preference. This is your personal place of worship where you tools rest.


Used to hold liquids used in the rituals.


Can be used instead of an athame for creating circles and so forth.

Book of Shadows:

A book in which you place power thoughs, rituals, spells, rules, laws, and our tradition.


Different color are used to bring focus on different energies or to represent the elements. (ie red for love or fire, blue for water etc). Also used for consecrations to represent fire.


Used to invite the spirits and deities. Also used to represent air.

Offering Bowl:

Used to place the offering of cakes and such to the deities.

Ritual Jewelery:

Used in rituals only these can be anything that holds power to you. A bracelet, ring, pendant or necklace.

Ritual Dress:

These can be robes, or clothing used only for rituals. Usually never out of synthetic material. Or you can worship naked.

I hope this gives you some understanding of the tools we use and if you know of any other tools or anything I missed please contact me.

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