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DISCLAIMER: This site is for information on Witch craft. This site does not promote hate towards other religions, or people. Neither are we looking to recruit members for a coven or telling you that the craft is the only "true" path to worship. We are simply trying to give information to those who are interested in learning. All material on this site is either personal, or used with permission from people who have submitted the material to us. For those who under aged please have your parents permission before entering this site. There is no porn, no offensive words, or anything offensive, but religion or the study of it should be an open topic between children and their parents so I just ask that you tell your parents what you are researching before doing so. With that said enter at your own discretion.

I'll be publishing parts of my and others Book of Shadows on this site, for those in need of a guide line to write their own Spells, Rituals, Consecrations, Invocations, Prayers, and Circle Castings. Eventually we'll also have pages on Beliefs, Sabbats, Esbats, Gems, Runes, Ritual Tool Definitions, Tarot, and Herbs to help those in need of the information.

Thank you for visiting us.

Blessed Be By the Great Mother & Great Father

Lady Ashmon & Lord Dragos

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