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Consecrations of Tools

Place the tool or tools to be consecrated upon the pentacle on the altar.
Drip your hands into the water and sprinkle the tool/s lightly three times and say
Lady's water cleanse this/these tool/s
Make it/them strong for thy rule.

Spinkle some salt three times and say
Lord's Earthly salt bind this/these tool/s
Allow it/them to be used only to you

Pass some incense over the tool/s three times.
Lady's breathe so warm so true
Bless this/this tool for our use to you.

Pass a candle over the tool/s three times
Lord's hot and fiery touch
Bless our tool/s, for we honor thee much

Focus your energy to the tool/s, and say
Now this tool/s is blessed by you
Make it/them strong, Make it/them true
From the Lady blessed is ye
From the Lord So Mote it be

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