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This section is where I put all my stuff that is not related to Eiji or Zantetsu.

Samurai Spirits Shinden-
This is a very good page dedicated to Samurai Spirits: Warrior's Rage for the Sony Playstation.

The Samurai Shodown Dojo-
This site was made by the guy who did the Warrior's Rage site, except it is on the Neo-Geo Samurai Spirits/Samurai Shodown 4.

The Orochi Bloodline-
A good site on the Orochi characters in the KoF series. I am doing the Leona section for the webmaster.

Anime Life

I am almost done with the Eiji section of this site (I need to finish his moves section and miscellaneous sections). After I am done with it, I will do the rest of the Zantetsu section. However, because there are not any sites devoted to either Eiji or Zantetsu, it is kind of hard to find stuff on them. If you have any images for either of them that are not on my site, then please feel free to send them to me (make sure they are JPEG or GIF files). It would probably be better if you just uploaded them to a site and sent me the URL, because I sometimes have problems with e-mail attachments. Anyway, here are some other stuff I need to put on my page later:

Eiji's Quotes from Art of Fighting 2 and King of Fighters '95. The KoF quotes aren't that hard to find, but if I remember correctly, each character in AoF 2 had different quotes for every character in the game. All I remember from Eiji's quotes are that he told Ryo to take a bath, and that he told Yuri he doesn't really won't to have to beat up a a girl, and then Yuri goes "Me neither."

One time while looking at KoF web sites, I found a short black and white comic with Eiji in it (I think it was one of those 4 panel translated manga that are in those Gamest KoF books or something). Well, I didn't save it, and now I can't find it again for this page. It was about Eiji wanting to join the KoF '97 tournament (I think) and his ex-teammates Billy and Iori already had new team members. So, he ended up joining the "background team" which consisted of the SNK characters who always ended up making cameo appearances in the backgrounds instead of fighting. This comic sort of explains what happened to Eiji. If you could find it, please send it to me (or any other comics with Eiji in them).

Yuffie from Final Fantasy 7 is a ninja from a Kisaragi clan. I know she isn't from the SNK universe and it isn't related to Eiji or Zantetsu, but I still might make a section for her. She is a ninja after all.

I also need information on the real historical Kisaragi clan (if there actually was one). I need to at least find out what the name Kisaragi has to do with ninjas, if it has anything to do with them at all.