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Eiji Kisaragi Miscellaneous

Here is the Eiji card from SNK Vs. Capcom Card Fighters Clash for Neo-Geo Pocket Color (a great game by the way). I'll get his statistics and ability soon (I have it on my old Card Fighters page, but I will have to find it and I'm too lazy too right now).

There isn't a whole lot of Eiji fan art either. I have drawn some though, and here they are.

My first Eiji pic-
This pic has a lot of mistakes.

My second Eiji pic-
The hair is wrong and he looks too "super-deformed".

Eiji again-
Still not great, but at least I got the hair right. His arm is a little messed up though.

My latest Eiji pic-
I pasted him over a background with bamboo on it. I wish I could draw better, or at least color decently.

An Eiji animated gif I made of him teleporting.