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    To use these codes:
    during game play hit F2 and a screen will pop down, type in the code and hit enter. The hunter will probably yell at you for cheating. Press F2 to go back to game play. If you do shoot a deer after you have cheated, in the trophy room that deer will say that you cheated.

    dh4find - Takes you to the nearest deer
    dh4beacon - Attracts deer to you
    dh4nofear - Animals do not spook
    dh4showme - Will show you all the deer on the map or GPS
    dh4deerwatch - Shows stats of the nearest deer
    dh4monster - Monster Bucks
    dh4sightin - Sights in your gun automatically
    dh4f13 - More blood
    dh4skyhook - Flight Mode
    dh4truck - Takes you to the nearest truck
    dh4homegym - Hunter will not get tired from running
    dh4leadeye - Bullet Cam
    dh4dry - Makes it a Clear day
    dh4water - Rain storm
    dh4zeus - Lightning
    dh4ice - Snow Storm
    dh4thor - Thunder
    dh4leaves - Makes leaves blow.
    dh4plague - Kills off all the animals
    dh4damper - No noise
    dh4noon - Set the time to 12 noon
    dh4tracers - You can view the path of the bullet
    dh4buckseeker - When you shoot will seek out to nearest buck
    dh4breakdown - Display debug information
    dh4vmwatch - View info on active view models
    dh4playthedemon - Used only in Multi-Player, Hunter vs. Deer, it will let you play the demon deer

    Do you have a code that you would like to submit?
    Just e-mail it to