What lines exist and where can you get them

"It was impossible for men to withstand this attack. they deserted their guns... The guns of the boats, double-shotted with canister, were turned upon them at a distance of scarcely 300 yards, and poured in a terrible fire."
Union Brigadier General Robert Granger, describing the attack of the U.S.S. General Thomas, which engaged Confederate batteries near Decatur Alabama on October 28, 1864.

J & T miniatures - 15mm. Steamer

Here is an answer to the question of where to get ironclad ship models. These are not all of the sources, just the ones that I am familiar with.

15mm ironclads

Merrimack Miniatures - A range of 18 + resin models, nicely done in "semi-scale" 15mm. I have experienced speedy service and excellent quality products from this company (Jay Stribling).
Order from: Merrimack Miniatures c/o J & T Miniatures. HC 83 box 15, Pequot Lakes MN 56172 (218) 568-SHIP. You can email them at: Their Web site is:

10mm ironclads

AIM Miniatures - I have no contact for them, but several gamers have spoken highly of them.

1/600th ironclads

U.S.S. Benton - by Peter Pig

Peter Pig - An English company's line of 48 models, $5 - $12.75 each
Order from: Brookhurst Hobbies 12188 Brookhurst St. Garden Grove, CA 92840 (714) 636-9150 Their web site is:
Also available from: Scale Specialties P.O. Box 1117 Fullerton, CA 92632-8117 (714) 535-7486. You can email them at:

Thoroughbred Figures - A range of 54 detailed models, $8 - $20.50 each
Order from: Thoroughbred Figures 4106 Timberland Dr. Portsmouth, VA 23703 (757) 686-1048. Click on the address to go to their web site:
Also available from: Campaign Headquarters. See below.

Thoroughbred 1/600 scale - Virginia II

Tactical Conflict Systems See below under 1/200 section.

1/1200th ironclads

NavWar - A line of 58 simple models, $2.70 each
Available from: Regal Miniatures 1116 Broadway Polk City, Iowa 50226 (515) 984-6470
Also from: Scale Specialties - see above. Check out their web page at

Langton Miniatures - A range of 33 detailed models, $6 - $16 each
Available from: Campaign Headquarters 145 Little Creek Rd. Norfolk, VA 23505 (757) 583-9451. You may email them at:

Tactical Conflict Systems - Produces a line of gaming accessories and terrain. Relevant to this list are their 1/300 terrain bits ...and 1/600-1/1200 terrain and ships. In 1/600 scale they produce some ACW period vessels and accessories - steam paddlewhees, blockade runner, ships' boats, brick and mortar fort, buildings, gun batteries, hulks etc. In 1/1200 they produce the same plus some generic ironclads and sailing ships.
Available from: Silver Eagle Wargaming Supplies in Kansas. Their web site is: (Information supplied by John Cunningham on the Ironclads One-list.

Houston's Ships - A line of 109 models, 2 or 3 per $6.25 package
Available from: Stone Mountain Miniatures P.O. Box 675 Brighton, CO 80601-0675 (303) 654-7989. You can contact them at:

NOTE: For Houston's non-ACW 1/1000th ironclads, contact: Tactical Conflict Systems 545 Newport Ave. Suite #155 Pawtucket, RI 02861 (401) 437-9820. You can email them at:

Houston's Ships 1/1200 scale - Monitor and Virginia

1/2400th ironclads (Contributed by Chuck Duggie) on the Ironclads One-list.

Hallmark the "Figurehead range" contains European style Ironclads and sailing ships, suitable for refighting the battle of Lissa or the Danish-Prussian war of 1864.
Their web site is:

Panzerschiffes Their web site shows as:
They do not seem to have an on-line catalog, but list several ways to contact them electronically to receive a print version of their catalog.

Tumbling Dice This British company does not have a web site that I can find. Two 1/2400 "later period" ironclads have been released so far. Available from BROOKHURST HOBBIES in the USA.

1/3000th ironclads

NavWar - Has late 19th century German ironclads in this scale. Unless my catalog is out of date, they do not seem to have anything for the Prussians to fight! Here is their web page again

William Mahmood sells cardstock models of nine different ACW ironclads. The pictures look quite interesting. They are 1/185 scale - Jay

This list was compiled by Chris Salander, and originally published on the Ironclads onelist. I have added some material to it, again mainly from the Ironclads One-list and have tried to give credit to the original list contributors. Any errors in this list are probably the fault of the myself - Jay Stribling, rather than Chris, who compiled the original list. You may contact either Jay or Chris at:


A note on the illustrations on this page. These images were taken from the advertising of the manufacturers on this list. The photos are meant as illustrations of the products listed on this page. I did not take the pictures and cannot say if they are retouched or not. - Jay

" ...we had lost our last blockade-running port. Our ports were now all hermetically sealed. The anaconda had, at last, wound his fatal folds around us."
Rear Admiral Raphael Semmes on the fall of Wilmington NC, 22 February 1865.

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