Strength: The user learns how to release their hidden strength and hits with twice as much strength as normal (takes 7 days to learn, only learned in Hell) D-0 HP(strength = PL)

Absorb: Only Cell or Cell Jr can learn this move where they absorb anyone they kill after a battle.  When Cell/Cell Jr absorbs a person, he will get half their PL. Cell must absorb 2 androids to become "Perfect Cell." D-1/2 opponents PL.

Bakuhatsuha: By raising two fingers, the user of this attack can create a large explosion that will totally decimate the surrounding area or the ground under an opponent. (takes 10 days to learn) D-75 HP

Bakurikimaha: This is is a powerful ki blast shot from one hand, the other gripping the shooting hand's wrist for support. (takes 7 days to learn) D- 50 HP

Big Bang Attack: Big Bang attack is a huge ki bolt of incredible destructive power. The person holds one flat palm forward towards his enemy and launches the bolt. (takes 7 days to learn) (Only learned on Vegeta) D- 50 HP
Body Change: You must be within 20 feet of the person with whom you wish to change bodies. Once within the regulated distance, you must yell, "Body Change." Then a Ki Beam will go into the other person's mouth and you will switch bodies. However, when you switch back, any damage the person sustained in your body, is in your mind. (takes 14 days to learn) (Only learned on Freeza) D- 0 HP

Burning Attack: A powerful energy blast shot from both hands. It is done when holding both hands forward, while doing some strange arm moves, and then put both hands forward again, index fingers and thumbs touching. Then release the blast. (takes 5 days to learn) D- 40 HP

Control Oozaru: Warriors must learn to control their power while in Oozaru or they will destroy themselves. (takes 8 days to learn, and only learned on Vegeta) D- 0 HP

Crasher Ball: The Crasher Ball is a ki-ball that is produced from the palm of the hand. (takes 7 days to learn) D- 50 HP

Daichiretsuzan: With a swipe of the hand with two fingers extended, it creates an invisible cutting beam that goes a long way. (takes 8 days to learn) D- 55 HP

Death Ball: This is a small ball of energy which can be created from either the tip of the finger or with both hands. (takes 2 weeks to learn, only learned on Freeza) D- 110 HP

Destructo Disc: It is a flat, disc-shaped Ki blast, which can be used to slice through its target. (takes 6 days to learn) Kills opponent if they are hit.
Dodonpa: A blast shot from one finger, which explodes upon impact. (takes 5 days to learn) D- 50 HP

Double Tsuihikidan: It shoots a Kamehameha-like blast from each hand, and can be guided towards the enemy. (takes 9 days to learn) D- 65 HP

Dragon Fist: It forms a large ki-dragon around the user as they punch the enemy (takes 3 weeks to learn) D- 200 HP

Energy Ring: The user starts with there hands in front of there face, then they make a large ki-ball, lifts it over there head and throughs it at there opponent. severley damages opponent (Takes 3 weeks for opponent to learn) D- 210 HP

Eraser Cannon: It is a large, powerful Ki blast shot from the mouth, and can destroy in a very large radius from where it hits. (takes 10 days to learn, only learned on Freeza) D- 80 HP

Eye Beam: It is basically a double ki blast shot from the eye (takes 3 days to learn, only learned on Freeza) D- 25 HP

Freeza Beam: A beam of energy shot from one finger. (takes 11 days to learn, only learned on Freeza) D-95 HP

Fusion Dance: A dance that when done the same way at the same time by two people of the same race will fuse together as a fighter stronger than the two seperately. (takes 3 days to learn) D- 0 HP

Gallet Gun: You power up the blast like the Kamehameha, but when you release the blast, your hands are both palm-forward.(takes 10 days to learn) D- 85 HP

Genocide Attack: A series of Ki blasts shot into the air, which seek their targets upon being fired. (takes 11 days to learn) D- 90 HP

Guided Scatter Shot: a numerous amount of ki blasts that is shot rapidly at an opponent and circles the him/her before closing in to do massive damage.(takes 8 days to learn) D- 70 HP

Hand Sabre: One or both of your hands become engulfed in flames of Ki. This is strong enough to cut through tree trunks with a single swipe. (Only learned on Freeza, takes 5 days to learn) D- 55 HP

Instant Transmission: The user travles from one planet to another by themselves or bringing any other character they are touching.(takes 14 days to learn)(only can go to planets they have already been to). D- 0 HP

Kaio Ken: This is primarily a power-up move. When a player uses this technique, they flare up and gain a large boost to their speed and power. (takes 7 days to learn, only learned in the Next Dimension) Increases your speed and power during a fight. Depending on your PL, you can do a greater Kaio Ken(X4,X10,etc) D- 0 HP

Kakusandan: Shoots a blast from each hand. Then control the blasts so that they merge and then directs it above the heads of the enemies. Thereupon split the blast again into many smaller Ki bolts which rain down upon the enemies. (takes 8 days to learn) D- 75 HP

Kamehameha: It is a Ki blast, which to start is charged up held behind the firer in cupped hands, then brought forward to release a large blast of energy. (takes 5 days to learn) D- 50 HP

Ki Nuke: A huge Ki Shot, takes a while to charge up, can seriously injure the opponent. (takes 4 days to learn) D- 45 HP

Ki Shield: Protects the user from some of the damage caused by attacks by forming a ki barrier around them (takes 7 days to learn) D- 0 HP

Ki Shot: A basic ki blast. (everyone begins with this)

Kiaiho: An invisible force attack that knocks one's opponent back. It can be shot either from an open palm or from the eyes. (takes 3 days to learn) D- 25 HP

Kikoho: You put the tips of your fingers of both hands together, forming kind of an "O" between his fingers and his thumbs. Then you shoot a very powerful Ki blast through the "O" at his opponent. (takes 4 days to learn) D- 35 HP

Makankosappo: A penatrating blast shot from two fingers. It is actually two blasts, one going straight ahead and the other coiling around the first for drilling power. This attack drills through everything it hits, and eventually blows up when it hits something big enough. (takes 7 days to learn) (only learned on Namek) D- 65 HP

Masenko: It powers up a blast over your head with both of your hands, one palm behind the other, then you bring your hands down in front of you to fire the blast. (takes 3 days to learn) D- 25 HP

Mouth Blast: A Ki blast that is shot out of the mouth. (takes 3 days to learn) D- 25 HP

Namek Language: The language needed to use the Namekian dragonballs. (takes 1 day to learn, only learned on Namek) . D- 0 HP

Regrowth: This is used when the user has lost an arm or leg and with the help of the move, will regrow the limb (note: only nameks can learn this move) (takes 5 days to learn, only learned on Namek) can regenerate limbs . D- 0 HP

Renzoku Energy Dan: The user of this technique can shoot Ki bolts continuously from their hands, resulting in somewhat of a "machine-gun ki blast" effect. (takes 8 days to learn) D- 70 HP

Simulated Moon Blast: Creates a light in the sky similar to the moon allowing warriors to turn Oozaru (takes 4 days to learn, only learned on Vegeta) D- 0 HP

Solar Flare: The user puts his hands in front of his face, says "Solar Flare," and lights up very bright, so much that he blinds his opponent. (takes 5 days to learn) D- 10 HP

Special Beam Cannon: A spiraled energy beam fired from the tips of your fingers. (takes 5 days to learn, only learned on Namek) (Kills oponent if
they are hit)
Spirit Bomb: A large ball of energy gathered from nature, humans, etc., which lend you their energy. (takes 15 days to learn, only learned in the Next Dimension) D- 150 HP

Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack: The user forms a ghost-like form closely resembling him/herself. The ghostlike form has a mind of its own, and when it hits anything, it explodes, severely damaging whatever is caught in the blast. (takes 10 days to learn) D- 80 HP

Syphon: This attack is performed by projecting purple ki beams at your opponent threw your hands or mouth. It freezes your oponent in position so you can get some free shots in. (takes 8 days to learn) D- 0 HP

Terror Blast: This is formed when you create two energy balls (one in each hand) and it's shot when both hands are touching each other. Creating a huge energy blast. (takes 7 days to learn) D- 70 HP

Time Freeze: This is an attack when used freezes time for his opponents so that they are frozen in whatever position they were in by holding their breath. (takes 6 days to learn, only learned on Freeza) D- 0 HP

Triform Technique: This technique is used to split a person into four different parts. Each person created is not just an image like that created with the Zanzoken, but can fight and be attacked. Each image is weaker than if the person was one. (takes 5 days to learn) D- 0 HP

Tsuihidan: It is a Ki blast, and it tracks its enemy. (takes 6 days to learn) D- 65 HP

Zanzoken: The user can move so fast he leaves an after-image, while attacking from another standpoint (takes 4 days to learn)D-0HP

FINAL FLASH-a huge ki bolt shot from 1 palm with the other hand stabalizing it.emense distructive power(only learned on vegeta)-16 days to learn,D-150HP

DRAGON PUNCH:charges big blast around users hand and then the user punches oppnet and then enleashes a big ki-bolt.(takes 2 weeks to learn and you need to now dragon fist,only leaned on feeza)D-150hp.

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