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Hello and welcome to Fox Den Creations!  Character portraits are a great way to commemorate your time in Everquest. Whether for yourself, or you guild, these will be a wonderful way to display your favorite times spent in Norrath.
These special portraits can be sent to all your guild members to display proudly. 

  For some examples of character portraits, click here
. These are portraits that have all been commissioned by other players.

I can use Everquest backgrounds from practically any area in the game or beautiful backgrounds from  Nature.  I have mountains, snow, beaches, forests, storms,  waterfalls, Volcanos, Stone Henge and many others.  I will try to find anything you have in mind, or if you have a special background you would like used, that would be fine.

Portraits take approx. one week to complete after the photos are taken.

For anyone interested in a portrait, please email or icq me to discuss an arrangement.

Anyone interested in commissioning a portrait will need to contact me by email or icq to set up a time that would be convienent for them to take the photos. 

Contact Information: 
E-mail -

ICQ - 127428076

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